Reintroduction of wheat

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Years ago, I did the Alcat test, to find out which foods I was sensitive to. Wheat was at the top of the list (not gluten or gliadin, but wheat itself). I had an allergy doctor tell me it was a BS test, and I trusted him. I did my Whole30 the month of February and the first 2 days of March this year. When I reintroduced wheat, my eyes were on FIRE. It took a whole week to get back to normal. I have pretty advanced Sjogren's disease, which makes my eyes and mouth very dry. So far, the wheat was THE WORST reaction I've had, with dairy just causing some sinus congestion. The Whole30 is a powerful tool to find out what foods you can and can't tolerate. 

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Wow @H Dodge, what an experience! Agree that this W30 thing is a powerful tool -  a "science project of one" as they say. So good to know that wheat is a problem for you - makes it rather elementary, doesn't it? No more wheat for you my friend! I always thought oatmeal was a harmless, nay truly helpful, grain. On this reset, I have introduced it properly and immediately suffered from SI joint pain that ran all the way down my calf. A return to W30 and another oatmeal tst revealed the same experience! While wheat is quite innocuous, oatmeal is on the BANNED FOREVER list. I very much enjoy living without that chronic inflamed SI joint!



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