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day 14: I've forgotten the point?

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I'm fairly athletic... you might say skinny (6 foot, 160 lbs.). I've never been able to put on weight... believe me, I've tried.

These days my workouts are a 2-3 hour bike ride 1-2x per week and a 1.5-2hr run 1-2x per week. 

Over the past few months I noticed I was eating a lot of bread and nutella and cookies and all the things that really make life worth living (I'd happily sit down and have 4 bowls of granola with light cream just before bed.  Throw some dark chocolate and a banana or two in the mix and it is heaven in a dish!), I don't think I was experiencing any adverse consequences... it just seemed like a lot of sugar.

...and I'd seen friends do Whole30 previously so I thought I'd give it a go and cold-turkey the sugar.

14 days in and I have been hungry for 14 days.  Since I don't worry about gaining weight I've been basically eating whenever I want... 5-6 "meals" a day... tons of eggs, fish, avocados, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. I stick to approved ingredients. 

Maybe I've even been cheating a bit (I don't know, is it "cheating" if it is approved and doesn't matter anyway?) - I'll sit down and eat an apple with almond butter, and the jar of almond butter will be gone in 2 days...

I guess my question is... why am I hungry? Is it that my body is so used to producing insulin and glycogen loading that it doesn't know what to do with all the proteins and fats?  But surely the carbs should reduce to glucose which need to be processed with insulin, as well as all the sugars in the fruits I'm eating (2x bananas, 2x oranges, 2x apples / day at least) so what is the difference between the sugar I'm eating in potatoes and fruits vs the sugar I ate in nutella  and granola? 

Is it psychological?

Please remind me why I'm sacrificing my light cream on cereal with chocolate...

Can anyone confirm the craving will go away?


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I can’t tell from your post if you are male or female, not sure if that matters but from my perspective as a female runner I just wondered. 

before I came to w30 I was just like you: run a lot, eat a lot (of ok but pretty crappy food), run a lot, eat a lot.... yada yada. Just on this cycle. I was always chasing the last few vanity pounds and never getting there and  guess unlike you, I did want to lose some weight. As soon as I came to W30 I felt like the balance switched, like a jigsaw piece slotting together. Suddenly my food was my fuel, not my reward, for my training. I was running a lot, body weight /hiit training a lot, and I just felt amazing. I would say that if you are eating that much fruit it’s too much; you’ll never flick that metabolic switch if you eat that much sugar. My advice is rather than carb load, get your protein in and cut out the sweet tasting goodies (the sweet potato, the fruit, the dried fruit etc) - that’s if you actually want to do that? 

I think like you say it is psychological to a degree, and I suppose w30 forces us to look at our food behaviour that’s taken a lifetime to form. The actual food for me is secondary to the psychology. I know that I feel better physically when I don’t eat sugar, but oh boy, I feel better emotionally when I don’t eat it. I have control over my food and don’t binge or have any food guilt whatsoever any more. I think women may experience this more than men, hence my question at the start 

aside from sugar, the dairy and grains are the big enemy for me, I had a taste of chocolate 2 weeks ago and my metatarsal/toe joints swelled so much I couldn’t get my trainers on?! You may find that you can reintroduce dairy/grains (so your cream on granola, which sounds immense by the way!) but before you can do that you need to complete the 30 days. You might be surprised by the result when you reintroduce them 

of course, you don’t have to do this. You sound like you are happy with where you are, you don’t have to eat this way. My husband is a runner too, he eats crap most of the time, drinks beer, he’s 10 stone dripping wet and had never restricted a food or read a label in his life- and he’s faster than me and never injured. In spite of this, I still love him haha 

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