Finishing tomorrow and haven't noticed any significant changes

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I have been diligent to follow the rules with no slips, but I haven't noticed any real changes these 29 days, and I'm trying to figure out a) if I did something wrong, or b) need to extend this out.  A bit of history: I started Whole30 after I heard it could help clear up skin rashes.  I've had an undiagnosed itchy skin patch for over 7 years (started when I got pregnant with my daughter).  Doctors have prescribed creams but nothing has gotten rid of it.  It's not eczema or psoriasis, at least none of the 3 doctors I've seen have said it was.  I have never been really unhealthy, or on a typical SAD diet, but always eat well and have never fluctuated more than 7 lbs since my wedding 17 years ago (aside from pregnancy, gained 25 with that).  I exercise regularly, though never a crazy amount, just moderate.  So I wasn't coming into Whole30 completely unhealthy.  But I bought the book, read it twice before starting, bought into it hook, line, and sinker, and was so excited to start and see changes.  Since beginning I've read it once more just to make sure I'm doing it all correctly.  That said, I'm sure it's not been perfect. I've probably had too many fruits, or not enough fat and protein, and some days too many snacks.  I'm constantly on the move with 4 involved kids (I live in my car some days!). So I know it's not been perfect, but most days I think* I've done a good job. However, by this point I would have thought I would have seen some improvement in something, perhaps my energy, clarity, sleep, headaches...something.  I've read through the list of things that could have changed 3x's and I'm really struggling to think of anything but one thing that's changed.  The only improvement I saw, which admittedly was big, was in my "time of month."  I had no cramping!  But I still got a headache, and bad ones!  Other than that, nothing...I don't have more energy, I'm still struggling to wake up every morning, my clothes fit no differently, just as many headaches and before, no clarity of thought, etc, and I STILL have my hasn't changed a bit.  I called a functional medical practitioner today to schedule an appointment and see if there are other things going on regarding the rash, but I'm still a bit sad I haven't really seen any other changes from the Whole30 program.  Any thoughts, suggestions?  Should I extend it? Help!


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Hi LAG315:  I am writing regarding your skin rash.  Have you considered getting a 5 day patch test?  I did and learned that my skin rash was ACD - allergic contact dermatitis - and that I was allergic to a laundry list of items that occur in every day items.  For instance,  I am allergic to benzyl alcohol which is in all sorts of things, including certain make ups, shampoos and other hair care items, cleaners and perfume.  Once I began eliminating those things that I was allergic to, my rash got better.  As to your question on your Whole30, I will leave that to the experts on here, as I am not one. Good luck!!

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