W30 diet and Long Term Brain Fog?

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I'm on Day 69.  Still not seeing the results promised in the book.  I think I should feel better.  I have been strict in avoiding the prohibited foods.  I must say I feel a little better than I did on day 60 but still have lots of brain fog and my body wears out fast.

My brain fog and body fatigue have been slowly spiraling down hill for 40+ years.  Does anyone have any experience that long term brain fog takes longer than 30 days to correct?

???:  It seems like W-30 directs a lot of meat and to keep a strict regimen of 3 big meals per day and no snacks.  Does anyone have experience with 1) less meat, 2) small meals more frequent?  Weight gain is not my issue.

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I remember you posted this last week, are you still not feeling any better? Have you read the auto immune protocol in the book, eg cutting out nightshade plants, eggs or nuts as well as the classic W30? Maybe there is something compliant which is still causing your brain fog? 

As I said in my previous post, don’t underestimate the long reaching post-Covid effect. There were 6 of us in our office who had Covid at the same time and every one of us had that weird fuzzy brain, exhaustion, trouble thinking straight. It was November we had it; I still get it occasionally when I’m tired or stressed. 

otherwise, I don’t know what to suggest. I think the ‘tiger blood’ is quite a spectrum from just a minor improvement in energy all the way to the roaring tiger, and for everyone it fluctuates daily/weekly. Try not to get disheartened although I know that is difficult. 

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Oh and I will add- for me, the foggy brain feeling is worse when I eat more frequently. Less frequent meals, 4-5 hours between meals, and not necessarily huge platefuls, just normal size, cutting out fruit (sugar!) seems to really improve my energy levels. I am very insulin sensitive and the less insulin I have pumping around my body the less foggy I feel. Have you considered that you may be insulin resistant or pre-diabetic? 
** disclaimer! I’m not a doctor, this is just something I’ve read a fair bit about over the years!** 

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