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I have a medical condition that makes it so my body doesn't make calcium on it's own. I've been taking a form of calcium that contains soy and corn in it my whole life. I am on day two and didn't realize. I'm hoping I can switch without any issues since my body is sensitive. I found an alternative but I'm not sure if this last ingredient is ok. It's called Oligofructose Enriched Inulin. Ofcourse I will do whatever is advised by my doctor but I'm able to switch as long as it's the same dosage of calcium carbonate and vitamin D. Is this whole 30 approved? 


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Oligofructose is a sweetener, and also is a subgroup of inulin. What I would say is, this is a calcium supplement, it's a caplet that you're not even going to taste, if this is the best option for you, it's probably not a big deal. That's my personal best guess here, because inulin is fine, but fructose in general is on the Sneaky Sugar list and oligofructose is a sweetener according to Google, and yet it also appears to be a type of inulin. 


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22 hours ago, RandyFLL said:

Quitting my daily espresso with frothed milk is non-negotiable. Should I even bother doing this program?

Why is it non-negotiable?  Can you use a milk alternative? Full Fat coconut milk froths up very nicely (I would even say better than dairy).

The truthful answer is, if you choose to eat an offplan ingredient every day then you're not doing the program but that's not to say you can't get a lot of benefit from changing the way you eat even if you keep the milk...

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