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I’m on day 24, and it’s going well, but I feel like the last few days feel like my sugar cravings are getting worse! I am feeling pretty good otherwise, less garbag-y in general, but Junk is calling my name! And not like, I might cheat and eat a few cookies. Like, I want to spend a weekend eating a whole chocolate cake, and a bunch of other stuff... the point is I feel like kind of a black hole where a taste of something will not be enough and I will go off the rails. Especially as I near the end of this whole 30, I don’t want completely fall of a cliff when it’s over!

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Try to figure out where this is coming from.

Are you eating enough? Being hungry won't help with cravings so be sure you're eating enough. If you menstruate, bear in mind that in the days leading up to your period, it is normal to be more hungry than usual, and the chocolate cravings people talk about with pms are a real thing, although you should be able to help them by eating more in general and more carbs in particular. If this might be what’s going on, try having starchy vegetables at each meal for a few days -- potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables, winter squashes like pumpkin or butternut or acorn squash, or plantains. It’s also totally okay to have bigger meals than usual if you need to.

If it isn't a matter of not enough food, could it be emotional? Are you worried about something? Even just the fact that your Whole30 is ending and the rules are going away. If you think this is it, now is a good time to plan your reintroductions, which are different rules, but are still rules for you to follow. Something else that can help with emotional eating is Journaling about your feelings, or even sitting quietly and thinking through them or allowing yourself to feel them.



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Thanks your reply. And.... I think you nailed it. I should be getting my period in a couple days, yet somehow After all these years I still forget how it can affect me! At least it makes more sense now!

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