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Sudden onset of bursitis

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Hi, I’m 8 months into W30 style living (I say this as I am not 100% strict, but I have only really reintroduced wine and over the last 8 months have had tiny tastes of dairy chocolate maybe 2 or 3 times) 

I had a bit of a rubbish week last week and ended up eating a lot of nuts, nut butter, etc which I had quite successfully avoided for a few months. Even though they are compliant, they aren’t good for me and I know it; call it as close to a binge as is possible, I wasn’t in a good mental place. I also had my Covid jab so felt hideous after that too. 
anyway, I am now in excruciating pain with hip bursitis. Looking through my notes I had it on sat 20th March and I have been silly and continued running on it (a lot) and now it’s incredibly painful. 
obviously  the programme is recommended for inflammatory conditions such as that, so I am just wondering if it could be the sudden influx of a lot (and I do mean quite a lot over 2 days) of nuts which could have potentially aggravated an existing twinge? 
would a really strict w7 of the AIP help do you think? 

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