Second round, first time difficult!

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My first time committing to Whole30 was 2+ years ago and I had previously dropped over 60 pounds before starting and was in very good shape. I liked the concept of Whole30 but I was already eating extremely healthy so quite frankly, I just breezed through the 30 days and literally said, out loud, "what's the big deal?" Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, after a death and a separate serious illness in the family, my own job loss at 50+ years old from a job I thought I'd retire from, and the general stress of it all I stopped exercising and ate my feelings until I packed on 50 pounds in the span of about 12 months! As you can imagine, I feel like crap now and I know how to fix this but haven't had the energy to do so. Now I am back at it, I pulled out the Whole30 books and started a couple of days ago.

NOW I GET IT! It took me a few weeks to prepare, not a week. I almost blamed Easter for delaying and then thought, "that's stupid" and decided to get going this week. I'm on day 3 and I'm feeling it, too. Seriously, I get it now. I'm actually looking forward to the all feelings and emotions described in the books and the journal. I also declared to my family that I am starting and at least one member of the family actually appeared to look relieved. I was slightly insulted for a nanosecond but the good news is that my family is so supportive and I actually think this time around is exactly what I need to snap out of this funk. 

I plan, no commit, to posting at least once a week. 

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