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I am on day 8 of whole 30. I am finally to the point where I am not craving sugar and carbs, and I am having an easy time eating whole 30 foods....but there is one issue. I have been eating a lot of whole 30 compliant bacon, hot dogs, red meat, and eggs. In the past these items have not been huge staples in my diet, but on whole 30 it seems to be what I am wanting to eat the most and it is giving me the energy that I need to keep going. I am worried that I am gaining more weight than losing and that this might not be working for me. I just need some tips or advice. I am young and in college so please be kind. I am just trying to have a better relationship with food and shed a few pounds before summer.

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Personally I would try to limit consumption of those heavily processed red meat products, even if they are compliant, not because of weight gain but because they aren’t great nutritionally . I like to buy a big tray of chicken thighs with the skin /bone on and I season them up really well, sometimes I’ll do 2 different varieties (so eg. An Indian spiced one and a lemon and garlic?) These are relatively cheap cuts of meat but not ‘cheap’ in nutritional value 

I live in the uK and we don’t really have any processed meat/hot dog that’s compliant, so I make burgers and sausages myself out of minced pork or turkey, season it really well. 

I would suggest you get yourself a good supply of freezable plastic pots with lids, then you can make eg. A chilli and freeze lots of individual meals. I make 2 roast dinners on a Sunday and freeze 4 meals for my lunches in the week. This saves money but mostly it saves time! Grab and go! 

ps., eggs are excellent, eat lots of them! But Make sure your portion of eggs is enough. Eg 2-3 eggs at least for a main meal. 

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