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I recently saw a statement from Melissa on a whole30 Facebook group I follow about the cotton candy nutpods not being approved due to not being in the spirit or intention of the program, despite being the same ingredients as other flavors. This creates a great deal of confusion for me as I always questioned flavors like marshmallow, caramel, and coconut macaroons as all being impossible to create a whole30 version of those flavors, but are whole30 approved. Can someone explain to me how caramel or marshmallow are in the spirit of the program? Or is only cotton candy an egregious enough offender? I'm very confused and not sure I understand the spirit of the program anymore 

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Yeah, not gonna lie, I don't really get it either. Back in the day when the flavors were the "normal" ones like hazelnut and vanilla it was pretty clear. But if cotton candy (which is melted sugar) isn't okay, how are marshmallow (which is also basically melted sugar) and caramel (hey, another variant of melted sugar) okay?

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