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Hello Melissa ! 

I downloaded the Whole30 app for scanning items at the store and or look up ingredients. It does not work well at all :( any updates coming? It does not scan many items or even healthy items at a natural grocers store populate as “not found” or “not found by FDA.”
Today is Day 1 for me and this app will be super helpful if it can work. 
Also, anyway to put spouts on the sauces? For a more controlled pour? I spilled sooo much extra ranch :( I was so bummed. 

thanks for all you do! Excited for the next 29 day.



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There is no official Whole30 app. Whatever app you have is not in any way made or endorsed by Whole30.

There are several downloads available here that you'll want to check out, so you can more easily determine what is and isn't Whole30 compatible:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/. Specifically, the rules, the Sneaky Sugar list, and the Common Additives Cheat Sheet can help you with ingredients. The others are also helpful, but those are the ones that deal with this specific question. 

I don't know of any spouts for the bottles. I would think someone somewhere must make a universal sized pourer that would work, but I'm not really sure how you'd find it. 

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