Liquid whey from grass-fed cows?

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Hi all! This is a bit of a weird one - I did a cursory search for “whey” and couldn’t find a straightforward answer. I temporarily live on a dairy farm with 4 producing cows, and am doing the W30 for the 3rd time with a couple of newcomers who were curious to check out the health benefits for themselves.

The farmer has offered us her surplus of liquid whey; this feels like the protein opportunity I’ve been looking for, as I’ve wanted to ramp up physical activity without burning myself out. But is the liquid whey straight off the cow considered dairy, and therefore not compliant? There’s naturally occurring sugar, but excellent protein/amino/etc. content that I’m hoping will serve me post-workout. I figured I’d mix it with V8 or just down it like a supplement. 


any insight? 

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