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Hey all! I am so excited and pumped to be starting my 4th ever round of Whole30 tomorrow! (Last round was 2 years ago) This was a last minute idea that came to me just a couple nights ago, I'm determined to reset my gut after experiencing some crazy eczema and allergic reactions that took me off my feet for a month. I have tried doing the Whole30 about 1x/year just to reset my eating habits and gut health. I've been stuck in a rut, finally ready to take some action. 

I hope I can find some fellow Whole30 like-minded people to join me on this thread and buoy each other up through the next 30 days! 

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This is my first time doing Whole30. I am excited to feel better and eliminate the inflammation in my body from eating foods that cause the issues. 
I did keto for several months and it helped but I don’t want to make that a lifelong way of eating. 
I hope I can find some support should I need it. 

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Day 1 is going great so far. I STILL need to go to the store for groceries, but have enough to get me through lunch with a 16 hour fast which ended at 12. 

I have been reading through the books (I also have the cookbook) and enjoying choosing some recipes I've loved in the past as well as finding some new ones to use this time around. 

I think I'll use this forum to at least journal my experiences to keep me motivated and accountable, so to speak. 

Starting the day after Easter is crazy with all the candy around, but I am confident that it won't affect me as I also have plans in getting it out of my house quickly.

Woohoo for starting Whole30! I am so pumped for a healthier me in 30 days!!

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@Nedster7 how are you getting on? I’d be mindful of incorporating Intermittent fasting into the W30 certainly for the initial 30 days. Having weight loss in your mind can override your good choices I think. I went from a fasting/Mediterranean diet to this and stopped fasting and still did lose weight in my first 30 but you have to trust the plan. 

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