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Day 5


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Day 5 - sluggish today, but no headache, no sugar cravings, no soy milk cravings today either.

Good W30 day!


3 scrambled eggs with chopped green peppers, onions, tomato, and chopped up sweet potato - really yummy!


1/2 baked chicken breast on salad with tomatoes, avacado, cucumbers, and 1/2 sweet potato


1 grain free banana bread muffin


Delmonico steak about 9 oz

house salad, no dressing

Is it ok to put salt on my steak?

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Totally okay! Most of our salt comes from processed foods. Eliminate those, as you are with the Whole30, an you've got some wiggle room in your salt consumption. I salt when I'm cooking, and the occasional hard-boiled egg or avocado.

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