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Christine's Whole30 Journey


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Here I am on day 4 (in my mind it's actually 4 3/4 because I pre-gamed on Sunday) and the metal taste in my mouth is not as strong now. Thank God! That strong metal taste was making me crazy!

I've had 2 evening events this week and I am so stinking proud of myself for keeping on. I simply ate before I went to the first event because I knew there would be nothing compliant and last night we had a family dinner at a local restaurant that buys locally, I had grilled meat with steamed veggies and a salad with olive oil and lemon wedges.

Today is the first day in the last 4 years that I've been battling Hashimoto's that I have not been winded on the tennis court. And equally important, I did not crash afterwards, I did not have to take a nap when I got home, I was able to keep on going! That in itself will keep me on track for the rest of my journey.

Hope all of you are doing great on your day 4!

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Well, I've made it to Day 15!!! and I'm struttin' my peacock feathers :)

I got a real laugh out of today's Whole30 Daily! It's like they were reading my mind!

I was laying in bed - awake and very alert, which is now the new norm for me since going Paleo, bargaining with myself that since I have not lost a pound, my clothes are not looser and it certainly does not appear that I've lost any inches, well certainly I could just have a little cream in my coffee because this whole Paleo thing really isn't working! I got out of bed resolved that I was going to put a drop of cream in my coffee and that was that! After all coffee my way simply makes me happy! As I walked down the steps, my good sense grabbed a hold and reminded myself that if I put a drop of cream in my coffee it will only lead to sugar in the coffee too, so I now sit and type this sipping my coffee with my few drops of anise and very thankful for the Daily as it put me in my place.

I am staying committed to the next 15! I really do want to see where I will be, body & mind at the end of it all.

Cheers to your continued success!

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