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The Whole (30) Truth


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This is my first log on the forum which I joined today on day 3 of my first Whole30. I've decided to call this post "The Whole Truth" as I am hoping that committing to full disclosure on this forum will really help me to keep focus and 100% compliance!

On Day 3, symptoms to report thus far:

- Feeling like I needed another 2 hours sleep when I woke this morning

- Incessant yawning that had my colleagues wondering what I was up to last night!

- Thirst! By 3pm I had consumed 2.5 litres of H20

- I have become a label fascist resulting in rather long visits to the supermarket. This was totally worth it as I finally found 3 brands of coconut milk that consist of coconut and water only, Thai curry pastes with no nasties or sugar and spices and rubs without sugar! Hooray! And I have made friends with the only butcher in Jozi (Johannesburg) that is strictly pastured and organic and he has offered to make me my very own sausages and burgers if I bring him some coconut flour to use as a binder!

So lets look at today: I pin photos of all my meals on Pinterest too...

DAY 3:

1 double espresso. Not the same without sweetener but ill get over it...

Meal 1: zucchini hash browns x 2 (baby marrow, 1 egg, 1 tbs coconut flour), topped with prosciutto, avo slices and red and yellow diced peppers

Meal 2: leftover almond flour schnitzel, grilled aubergine, salad of sweet potato salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber avo and my-not-so-successful-but-very-tasty macadamia nut oil mayo... And one tiny apricot.

Meal 3: Thai mussels (coconut milk), Asian side salad topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and pomegranate nibs with an almond nut butter dressing... And one tiny apricot

Today is my rest day on workouts

That's it for today - don't Wholed back!

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You can find my whole30 board here: http://pinterest.com/ecodolly/whole30-meals/

The zucchini hash browns are super easy:

Grate a few zucchini and one small onion - I try to strain them so they lose some moisture which ensures they stay intact in the pan

Mix the zucchini with an egg (about 4 average sized zucchini per egg, makes about 4 or 5 hash browns)

Season with salt and pepper - I like cayenne for some bite but you could also throw in some fresh chili

Mix in a slightly heaped tablespoon of coconut flour - mix well and let the mixture sit for a few minutes as I find coconut flour tends to get thicker the longer you leave it which helps bind the hash browns.

Spoon into a pan at moderate heat - I use a little coconut oil to fry them. You need a few minutes a side.

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Day 4 is in the bag!

Managed a high intensity workout (barely) Felt like my recovery was slow, lungs took a bit of strain but I was sneezing a bit today so it could have been due to allergies. I have managed to stay away from antihistamine for 6 days which is pretty good in my life.

My food log:

Double espresso (only having one a day since starting which is an Italian miracle!

Meal 1: egg over easy using 1tsp coconut oil, leftover zucchini hash browns topped with prosciutto plus avo and cherry tomato

Meal 2: shredded hot smoked salmon with some of my failed mayo (more of an aioli) Asian salad with pomegranate, peppers, avo, tomato

Meal 3: BLISS. My husband cooked it! Grass-fed ground beef burgers (using almond flour and egg to bind), sautéed mushrooms reduced with a bit of coconut cream (delicious) Parma ham, tomato and cucumber. I taught him well!

I had my first guilty food dream last night! It was horrible! I felt so terrible after I scoffed that green macaroon, I thought my whole30 was ruined! It's insane how powerful and vivid our sub conscious is!

Onto day 5, see you on the flip side

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I followed you on Pinterest, If you like, I'm paleomaryann over there. But I use it like a recipe file, so I have different boards for every category. Love it! I can find any recipe I want in a matter of seconds. No more trying to remember where I first saw it.

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Day 5 log (a little late):

Meal 1: uovo in camicia (direct translation: egg in a shirt!) My mamma used to make these for breakfast all the time when we were little. Basically egg poached in arrabiatta sauce (home made of course - handy to make a batch and use it over a few days). Served with Parma ham, avo and yellow pepper.

Meal 2: poached salmon topped with coconut cream sauce (onion, garlic, lime zest, lime juice, coconut cream, basil) with a side salad

Meal 3: Cajun pan fried prawns with fine green beans and tomato, cucumber and avo salad.

Day 5 was very interesting in that we had 2 social events to attend. The first was a daytime birthday picnic where it was requested that we all bring cupcakes! My strategy was to eat meal 2 before attending, and to excuse myself after 2 hours given that I was surrounded by a sea of cupcakes... And I'm not into self imposed torture.

The second event was a birthday celebration in a bar - I managed 3 hours casually sipping on sparkling spring water with lemon slices in a wine glass. I have to say, I became bored rather quickly the more inebriated everyone got. I managed to be very firm with people literally trying to force me to imbibe! Alcohol really brings out interesting behaviour in that it seems difficult for a crowd to accept when someone is off alcohol. A plus is that my husband thinks that having a designated driver is rather handy in these situations!

Most importantly, I survived!

Had more guilty food dreams - the subject this time was cheese!

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Sunday day 6 log:

Meal 1: a repeat of yesterday minus the avo, filled by orange melon :)

Meal 2: free range roast chicken with roasted butternut and carrots, tomato salad and green beans followed by cherries

Meal 3: leftover poached salmon, leftover chicken, yellow pepper and tomato slices - had no more cooking energy

I really need to speed things up in the kitchen, work is about to get super busy and flow into evenings so I'm feeling a bit anxious about managing.

Almost one week down :)

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Day 7 Woohoo!

M1: today was a badly planned breakfast as I still needed to do some shopping and stocking up. I had Parma ham, tomato and yellow pepper followed by a peach and it was definitely not enough food and especially not enough protein

Mid morning 6 salted macadamia nuts

M2: leftover roast chicken dressing in av avo, coriander, lime, little coconut milk blended into a paste paste topped with pumpkin seeds. Really yum! Tomatoes and peppers on the side

Went to gym

As I arrived home from gym I was ravenous and I scoffed 2 slices of prosciutto and ate a few chunks of coconut

M3: Day 7 Meal 3: grass fed beef sirloin, onions and porcini mushrooms reduced in a little coconut milk, panzanella salad (sans the bread of course). I couldn't actually finish the sirloin, so will have the leftover for breakfast tomorrow.

I'm feeling strong, resolute and strict about what I'll allow myself to eat, if I'm not sure about something and I can't find the answer online in 30 seconds, it goes back on the shelf. Slept really well last night, first time since starting the W30.

One area that I am REALLY battling with is my energy levels at the gym - my fat cells have obviously not unlocked yet because I felt shattered about 15 minutes into my session (today was interval training). I found my recovery time is longer and my lungs just weren't coping with a workout that I would normally manage :( Not liking that!

On an allergy front, I woke up sneezing this morning but at least it was only 5 times and not the usual 50!

Really happy that I am a full week in!

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Day 8 yippeeeeeee

Meal 1: Carrot hash browns: 3x small, leftover sirloin plus mushrooms about 80g, few slices prosciutto, yellow pepper

Meal 2: 130g steamed prawn tails, leftover panzanella salad, yellow and red pepper. Raspberries.

Snack: coconut pieces, 3 slices ham, 2 sml carrots

Meal 3: grass fed beef burgers using egg and almond flour to bind. Aubergine and zucchini ratatouille. Tomato.

3 small apricots

No training today - rest day

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Day 9

Meal 1: tried poaching an egg in leftover ratatouille - was quite nice. 2x leftover carrot "hash browns" some prosciutto and yellow pepper slices.

Meal 2: hot smoked dill and mustard seed salmon, avo/coconut/coriander/chives/lemon/salt sauce

Ratatouille. Raspberries

Weight training workout: today I felt strong :) could that super energy be kicking in? :)

Post workout snack: some ham slices, coconut and a few pieces of watermelon (had a while to go before dinner)

Meal 3: the most delish crab curry, my fav meal in the whole world! Served with sambas and a refreshing blended avo coriander sauce to give you a break from the bite.

In other news, the entire country has run out of coconut flour! We only have 2 suppliers and apparently Mozambique is only shipping in more cocos mid Feb. No luck finding coconut aminos, (really felt like some sashimi) they do not exist in SA...

I felt really good today and 3 random people in my office building and at the gym told me I looked radiant :) yay!

I am particularly in love with whole30 today - could be the crab curry (heaven in a dish).

Can't believe tomorrow is day 10!

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Day 10: whoopdiwhoopwhoop!

Today was filled with excitement :) received my new iPhone 5 and was in between syncing and sim swops so no pics of my meals on Pinterest :(

My meals:

M1: 2 eggs in a shirt, pepper, avo, ham

M2: tuna with avo, coriander, chive and coconut milk dressing, tomato and cucumber mint salad

Workout: 1hour boxing workout, one on one with my coach = killer!

3 slices ham, and a peach post workout

M3: leftover crab curry plus a piece of grass fed boerewors and tomato (boerewors is a traditional South African beef sausage)

My boxing coach is also asthmatic and he was very interested in hearing about the whole30 - he commented that my endurance today was greatly improved :)

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Today was a milestone :) I had 2 successful restaurant encounters!

Here's my log

M1: beef sausage, pepper, tomato, avo

M2: @restaurant - grass fed rump spiced with salt pepper and mustard seed with a side salad

Workout: I have had 3 strong workouts in a row now woohoo! Today was intense as it involved flipping truck tyres and swinging a sledge hammer so I definitely felt that extra energy! That's the best part of whole30 so far - the energy is addictive!

Post workout I had a few slices of Parma ham and some watermelon.

M3: @restaurant. 6 oysters, east coast sole dry grilled with spices, tomato and rocket side salad - they could not accommodate me with veggies without butter or other nonsense as they prep all their veg ahead. So this meal was low on veg but I figured it was fine considering I managed to stay 100% compliant.

Can't believe tomorrow is day 12!!

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Day 12 :)

PRE workout: egg avo coco milk banana shake - I know I should not drink food/meals but I workout early on Saturdays (7am) and if I eat anything solid before exercising without enough time to digest, I don't manage from a nausea point of view so I figured this liquid concoction would be ok?

Workout melt 60: a high intensity workout combining kettle bells, push-ups, lunges, squats, abs and plyometrics = hectic!

M1: poached eggs, tomato, rocket, avo

M2: Prosciutto melon rocket salad carrot sticks raw, cherries handful

M3: chops, sausage, roasted peppers, green beans

Warmed up mixed frozen berries

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Day 13

I got to bed late last night and as a result, woke up late! So, I know this is really not ideal but I only ate 2 meals today with a snack in between as breakfast was brunch...

M1: today I pan fried scallops and asparagus wrapped in Parma ham and chives, served with 2 zucchini hash browns and slices of tomato

M2: snack slices of ham, tomato, watermelon

M3: ostrich mince burgers made with blueberries and almond flour - surprisingly delicious! Served with roasted peppers cooked in tomato and my puuuurfect home made olive oil mayo! (3rd time lucky)

Tomorrow is 2 weeks in :) :) :)

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Day 14:

I woke up with a really sore belly and hay fever this morning :( I m convinced the 2 are related and something I ate over the last few days did not agree with me. Or I have a mild version of a stomach lurgy that is going around. It's the first time during my w30 that I feel grotty. My belly is still sore, kind of crampy and feels like a stitch but the sneezing stopped this morning. I still managed a workout on the upside!

Today's log:

Meal 1: egg poached in arrabiatta, grass fed beef sausage, avo, tomato

Meal 2: ostrich and blueberry burgers, roast peppers in tomato, avo, tomato


70g coconut pieces

Meal 3: grass fed beef burgers, guacamole, roast peppers, carrot soufflé (no flour, amazeballs!)


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Your ostrich burgers sound delicious. I hope it's more reasonably priced over there. I look at ostrich in the butcher shop all the time, but at $27 US a pound for steaks, it might have to wait for a momentous occasion.

Hi Maryann :) We are very fortunate in South Africa to have a massive ostrich population in the Eastern Cape. We get quite a few cuts of ostrich year round at very reasonable prices - the fillets are absolutely delicious (we get fillets for around R60/500g - approx $9/pound!). Most steakhouse restaurants will also feature at least one ostrich dish on their menu too. It's a tricky one to cook as it gets tough if you pierce the meat while cooking (use tongs to turn), use too much marinade or overlook it. But done right, it's delicious! Hope you have an ostrich occasion soon :)

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Day 15: I am so pleased that I am halfway there :) As a reward, I am buying myself a new pair of Nike trainers - they are purple! I'll get them this weekend :) I was going to buy a mandoline but decided that my reward should not be food related at all...

The one area I am experiencing difficulty with is sleep - I am in the design industry and run a brand consultancy and this industry is always running on last minute deadlines. This evening I worked till 23:15 to get my morning's deadline out which means it will take my mind a while to wind down and get to sleep :( not sure how to get into a steady routine with work disruptions...

My food log:

M1: organic pastured pork sausages, avo, tomato and pepper

M2: left over burgers, salad topped with pomegranate

M3: pan fried salmon, with mango coriander salsa, asparagus with homemade mayo, mushrooms: yummy meal!

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Day 16 and I am rather annoyed as that very same belly ache is back :( Common denominator between what I ate on Sunday and Tuesday that i don't normally eat is mango. I seriously eat mango very seldom and just happened to have a lot in the house this past week. I am allergic to peanuts and the reaction varies from anaphalaxis to a very itchy throat and a belly ache. This feels like that belly ache, only milder but its very uncomfortable. Its feels like inflammation and burning.

So I've decided to try stay off fruit for a week or so, and then have some mango just to confirm that I need to stay away from it. I cant eat oranges as those make me wheeze and give me the same pain. Incedentally my mom can not eat mango, she gets an itchy mouth and throat. There goes the mango salsa on salmon, it will have to be replaced with papaya! Not my favourite fruit... or maybe rather peach or nectarine!

My log for today:

M1: eggs poached in arrabiatta, pepper, tomato, avo

M2: poached salmon with leftover mango salsa and a side salad - despite waking up with a sore tummy, I had not deduced what the culprit could be so I ate it only to have worse pain an hour later

Workout through belly ache - cardo fitness and some weights

M3: 120g grass fed sirloin on the braai (barbeque) grass fed lamb sausage (so delish) cucmber salad with homemade mayo, caprese salad minus the mozzarella

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Day 17 log: I had an absolutely rubbish day at the office, very trying! Good news is that I did not succumb or even think of my usual bad-day-go-to-cravings.... Lightly wooded Chardonnay, dark chocolate, something with melted cheese did not cross my mind and when I think of it now, don't really appeal... Ok maybe the wine a little bit...

I had a really tough workout this evening, breathing was wheezy and laboured - I think it's because I still haven't fully recovered from my stomach ache that i have been suffering from this week - it's on about 50% intensity now so better than Monday and yesterday but still painful and it's constant so very tiring. I've been investigating possible mango allergy and seems its not that uncommon and symptoms are spot on with mine...

M1: lamb sausage, avo, cucumber, yellow pepper

M2: sirloin and one small lamb sausage with cucumber, cherry tomato, mange tout, red pepper, 70g coconut

Workout: death by boxing. Can't. Lift. My. Arms.

M3: we went out for dinner I was ravenous: started with a steak tartare (ditched the strange sauces they bring) followed by lamb chop and steamed vegetables - didn't finish the chops or the veg - it was just too much...

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