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The Whole (30) Truth


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M1: 2 eggs poached in arrabiatta, red pepper, cucumber, avo

M2: tuna salad with avo, tomato, cucumber, peppers, coined and chives


M3: grass fed beef burgers, mushrooms in coconut cream, avo, tomato slices, carrot soufflé

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Day 19 log:

I felt very proud of myself for battling a hurdle yesterday - we were invited to a friend's home for a Braai (barbecue) so I packed some of my grass fed, organic sausages and ostrich steak and arrived. I explained that I was on an elimination diet.

We landed up eating late in the afternoon so that meant I only had 2 meals yesterday but at least I did not grab anything off plan to snack on! I politely grabbed 2 carrots and a few cherry tomatoes in the kitchen and munched on those :)

I thought it would be challenging to be in a friends home with the fun and imbibing going on as who doesn't enjoy a good time? It's also often more restrictive than a restaurant situation as in a restaurant you can custom make a meal without too much fuss, but in someone's home you can't expect your host to cater to your fussy needs!

M1: fried egg in coconut oil, Parma ham, carrot soufflé, tomato and avo

M2: short ribs with a tomato chili salsa, grass fed beef sausage, half a pork chop (no fat as it wasn't organic) mixed salad where I avoided the fried haloumi cheese and the pepperdews as I was sure they were marinated in something sugary.

No meal 3 but when we arrived home at 21:30 I ate a few slices of Parma ham

Most importantly: I survived without any slips! And I slept like a baby for 9.5 hours!

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Day 2 woooohooo! Who would have thought...

My food log:

M1: scrambled egg in coco oil, avo, tomato made by husband

M2: duck breast salad with apple slices, cucumber, rocket, lettuce, 5 blueberries (literally) olive oil and balsamic

M3: wok fried prawns and langoustines in coco oil with fried green tomatoes and basil. Raspberries with chopped nuts (pecan and almond)

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Day 21: 3 weeks down yay!

M1: scrambled egg in coco oil, cucumber, pepper, cucumber, Parma ham slice

M2: smoked trout with olive oil mayo, salad with tomato, cucumber, avo

PRE workout snack: 4 slices Parma ham, small bunch of nuts: pecan and almond

Workout: weights and intervals (skipping) - had an amazing workout, felt very strong

M3: 2 east coast soles pan fried in coco oil with spices, avo, tomato, cucumber, pepper salad with lime and coriander, roasted butternut wedges

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Day 22 is in the bag

I hear you on the extinction burst thing... I made thai mussels this evening and I found myself wondering what I could make to soak up that delicious sauce - something bread roll like... something doughy, starchy and comforting. Really? I stopped myself immediately! I could have made something out of compliant ingredients but I would have been giving in to my dough dragon! Warm bread is such a trigger for me - I can easily ignore sweet desserts but bread has always been my achilles...

My log for today:

M1: chicken thigh, parma ham (clearly I love parma ham) cucumber, pepper avocado

M2: the most delicious chicken mayo (homemade of course) over a salad of tomato, cucumber, avo and peppers

M3: 3 venision dry wors sticks (a dried south african raditional sausage) thai mussels in coconut milk, peppers

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Day 23

I am not sure if I like the fact that my W30 is getting close to the end...

Today's meals:

M1: 2 scrambled eggs, Parma ham, cucumber, tomato, avo and 2 sticks of roasted pumpkin

M1: chicken mayo salad over chopped tomato and cucumber. A small handful (50g) of macadamia nuts

PWO: 2 slices Parma ham, sml handful Mac nuts

High intensity interval workout

PWO: leftover mussels

M3: lamb chop, lamb sausage with baba ganoush, sautéed mushrooms and 2 slices tomato

The PWO meals really make a big difference to performance so I'm going to try be diligent about those. Sometimes a bit tricky...

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Day 24 in the bag - I couldn't post last night but here it is:

M1: leftover lamb chop and 3 mini lamb sausages with avo tomato and pepper - definitely dinner for breakfast

M2: I had a business lunch so I went for salmon tartar - skipped the dressing and the gherkins, plus a big house salad

M3: dinner at a restaurant. Started with 6 oysters and red tobasco (the green jalapeño Tabasco is not compliant FYI!) followed by a dry grilled sole with a green side salad with avo. No dressing, olive oil and balsamic instead.

Tomorrow we fly down to Cape Town for 2 days for a photo shoot in the cape winelands. I am a little nervous to have all my food choices in one basket due to the place we are staying at. And let's not talk about the wine situation. It's so close to the end so my resolve will have to be super strong!

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Day 25:

M1: dinner for breakfast: lamb chop, lamb sausage, tomato, avo, pepper

M2: mustard seed and dill smoked salmon, tomato, peppers, cucumber, avo with homemade mayo followed by 50g coconut chunks

Pwo: 50g macadamia nuts

Pwo: one egg omelette and some red pepper

M3: grass fed beef burgers, balsamic onions, roasted sweet potato, tomato, almond satay sauce (fish sauce, coco milk, almond butter, salt)

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The weekend photo shoot on location was incredibly challenging from a nutritional point of view as it was all catered. I managed to take some food with me but facilities for storage were limited. For example, the Saturday night meal consisted of wood fired pizzas... Only! I managed to eat avocado, salmon pieces and cherry tomatoes. The Sunday morning I snuck off to find breakfast in the village as we were limited to yoghurt and muesli. Won't do that again in a hurry as it was very stressful!

My log for yesterday, day 28:

M1: herb scramble, ham, salmon, cherry tomatoes, mushroom

M2: 6 oysters, calamari steak in olive oil, side salad

M3: 3 beef sausages, tomato, cucumber

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I can not believe that its day 29 and I have actually made it this far! I will be doing a body composition and measurements at the gym on Saturday so I will post my story of my experience once that is in the bag. To be honest, I feel like i am going to continue eating this way for a few months, but I'll be a little flexible with things like a little soya sauce and ginger with sashimi - maybe... I feel like everything may be posion now :(

I'm a little scared that W30 has come to an end and quite nervous for measurements, etc...

Log today:

M1: 1 x grass fed beef sausage, 2 scrambled herby eggs (we just got back from a shoot away so there were NO veggies in the house!)

M2: more sausages, sliced tomato, cucumber, avo

M3: pan fried salmon in coco oil, topped with a tomato and papaya salsa, side salad of greens, aspapragus and avo topped with homemade olive oil mayo, pan fried mushrooms.

Look out day 30, I've got you!

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Day 30 woohoo: My whole 30 story will follow this weekend once I have measured and gathered my thoughts!

M1: scrambled egg plus mayo, parma ham, pepper, cherry tomato, cucumber

M2: Chicked mayo salad with greens, avo, asparargus. Coconut chunks

Workout followed by parma ham

M3: beef short ribs, delish salad and roasted baby carrots

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Today was a milestone :) I had 2 successful restaurant encounters!

Here's my log

M1: beef sausage, pepper, tomato, avo

M2: @restaurant - grass fed rump spiced with salt pepper and mustard seed with a side salad

Workout: I have had 3 strong workouts in a row now woohoo! Today was intense as it involved flipping truck tyres and swinging a sledge hammer so I definitely felt that extra energy! That's the best part of whole30 so far - the energy is addictive!

Post workout I had a few slices of Parma ham and some watermelon.

M3: @restaurant. 6 oysters, east coast sole dry grilled with spices, tomato and rocket side salad - they could not accommodate me with veggies without butter or other nonsense as they prep all their veg ahead. So this meal was low on veg but I figured it was fine considering I managed to stay 100% compliant.

Can't believe tomorrow is day 12!!

I have to agree with you that the energy is addicting. I am on day 20 (woo hoo!) and always feel like moving around, exercising or doing something, which is definitely not the norm for me. I'm thinking this is the "tiger blood" effect? Haha! :)

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