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I have Lupus and am prone to constipation when I don't eat grains.  Veggies and extra fruit don't really do the job. Also I am not used to eating meat 3 meals per day, and thus end up eating a lot of nuts, seeds and Tofu. I've eliminated Gluten, Dairy, Nightshades and all beans except soy. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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For the motility issue, you could try taking a supplement like Natural Calm which helps draw moisture into your digestive tract... the unflavored one is compatible with the Whole30. Just make sure you start with a small amount and work up - you can get into opposite of constipation distress if you're too quick with the amount you take. You can also google 'whole30 natural calm' and a bunch of conversattions should come up.

As far as not eating meat, if you're doing the program as a vegetarian, then you can have eggs - we had someone do the entire 30 day program with eggs as their sole source of protein - I think they were pretty sick of eggs by the end but it's definitely doable. 

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