Starting my journey today!

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Hi pdackerman! I started Monday morning on my first Whole30 journey and am looking for the same.... just overall healthy feeling! I already feel less bloated and I didn't realize I was to begin with. I am excited to witness my body and mind's journey through the program.  I am keeping little notes of how I feel each day which may be helpful later. Best of luck on your journey!

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Good morning everyone,

I'm starting today with my Whole30 journey.  I'm looking forward to feeling great and I will look to the Whole30 forums for encouragement.  Yesterday and today I cleaned out the fridge and pantry.  I'm stocked up with protein and veggies for the week, and have Whole30 approved seasonings ready so I'm excited about not feeling bloated from sugar and white flour!  If anyone has any advice, I'm open...thanks!

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