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As posted on another string, I'm not necessarily feeling Tiger Blood but I'm waking up without an alarm consistently, I don't have cravings or at least I can keep them at bay and I'm not tired in the afternoon. I'm going to incorporate exercise this week. I'm calling it a win. That's really all I wanted when I think about it. What is Tiger Blood anyway??

The biggest challenge I had last week was knowing what to do with that 2 hours at night where I watch TV and eat. I can watch TV but I want to eat at the same time. I tried something that I read somewhere about distractions so I've been bringing boxes, clothes, etc. into the room where I watch TV and started to sort through stuff and I'm decluttering. I did that 3 nights in a row and then found myself not wanting to watch TV! The decluttering turns out to be extremely satisfying and I'd rather turn on a music or a podcast and clean out a closet or go through old toys and toss what we don't use. I will eventually run out of clutter but I have a long list of "someday" projects that I've not gotten to and I think I've found a way to focus my energy on something other than sitting and mindlessly eating.

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That’s brilliant. One thing I noticed when I did my first W30 was I suddenly felt like I had more time. I think it was because I just didn’t slump in the afternoons, and like you say instead of wanting to veg out in the evenings, I wanted to do things. I did all my kids baby photo albums that had been hanging around for 8 years!! 

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