Round 2 and Cravings and Lack of Energy

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Hi there! 
I’m on my second (back to back)month of Whole 30 & my cravings (sugar mostly) are stronger this month than last. Also my energy level is really low. I’m back to feeling my mid day slump. I didn’t feel like this last month. I felt great- not so tired. Not so much now. I don’t feel as bad I did when I first began, but where did my energy go? I haven’t changed any food intake this month. Any ideas? 

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If you're eating the same foods, and the same amounts of food, there are a few other things to consider.

If you menstruate, the amount of food you need at different times in your cycle can change. Specifically, the week or so before your period you'll probably be more hungry than usual, and may need to eat more food in general, and more starchy vegetables in particular. 

Your activity levels could have changed, either in the form of exercise, or just generally being more active in life, for instance doing more yard work, deep cleaning your home, or just getting out of the house and going shopping or to the park or whatever more than you were.

Stress levels can also affect hunger, as can sleep amounts/quality.


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