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Day 9 and still feel tired...


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Jan 2nd my husband and I started our first Whole30. I love it. The food is great and and I am very busy cooking and prepping meals for us.

Yesterday in Pilates I noticed that I felt much stronger. My push ups were deeper and I noticed my arms in the mirror. They looked good! Much of the poofiness I have accumulated seems to be going down.


I am still so tired. I can't seem to eat enough food. My chronic back pain is raging. And my belly, most of the time feels like it is empty.

Here are some sample meals:

M1: Salad greens and a couple small golden beets topped with herbs and olive oil, handful of blanched sugar snap peas, some sauteed chard, nice piece of salmon. Plus a couple strawberries with a few tablespoons of coconut milk.

M2: Bowl of bison stew atop a bed of chinese cabbage.

M3: Chicken breast, golden beets, wilted beet greens with garlic and ghee. Topped with herbs and olive oil.

Prior to starting Whole30 I ate well about 80% of the time with no gluten at home. But I face planted one tooooo many times into chili cheese fries and other treats over the past couple months.

I am not having any cravings, although in the evening I always want to snack a bit after dinner. And that is hard habit to break. Even if the snack is a tiny tangerine and a few coconut shreds. I am trying to stop, but even the fish and broccoli sounds good all the time. So...maybe I'm just not eating enough.

Thanks to everyone. I have read so many stories, testimonials and forum topics that have been very helpful on this journey.

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OK Tom. Will keep eating!

Honestly, I never thought I was fatphobic before. But maybe I am!

A couple years ago I went to Cooking School. I went once a week for a year. I learned how to do everything from make stock to complicated stuff like French pastries. It turns out it was the knowledge I would need to know the ingredients in most foods.

I have never counted calories or thought anything much about overdoing fat. But now that I am paying so much attention to fat, I think it is freaking me out.

I will eat more. It's delicious.

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