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I’m on my 2nd round (I’m doing back to back months) and I’m feeling so lethargic & my sugar craving is not out of control, but way stronger than it was last month. Last month I felt great! My bloat was gone, I didn’t have strong craving, my energy was amazing  and wham.. this month I’ve seem to hit a wall. I feel more hungry than I did last month (there were times last month when I had to force myself to eat because I felt full most of the day). 

For reference I am not PMSing... when I did last month I felt a little tired and my cravings for carbs became strong, but That went away after my monthly. 
I also been eating the same foods and portion sizes. 

 Has anyone gone through this? What am I doing wrong? I was feeling great and now I feel so blah. 

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Without knowing exactly what your meals consist of, my guess would be that you've somehow strayed away from the meal template and you're eating either less overall or less fat.  If you want to give us a rundown of what you were eating meal-wise using portion sizes based on the template, we can probably see if anything stands out.  If you remember, post what you ate during the first 30 days and what you're eating now.

Remember also nutrition is cumulative so if you've had a few low intake days, it can actually take a few to catch up to you.

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