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I realized last night, about 8:15 PM Mountain Time, that I've not eaten a single piece, crumble, or shred of cheese in over 3 weeks. I just have to let that sit for a minute. 

I meal prep on Sundays and this week when I meal prepped, I made things that my family likes, as it turns out. I made a carnitas and salsa (both recipes are the Whole30 book) and I had planned 4 meals with those 2 items but as it turns out it was one meal with the family. I also made sweet potato hash and that went quick, too. I actually loved that they WANTED to eat my food. They had tortillas and cheese and I didn't but that's okay, it was kind of nice! It's week 4 so we'll see what we plan for next week but I will share my menu with the kids and see if they plan to eat the food I'm eating so that I can ensure I'm making enough for my own meals and for them. 

I've mentioned before that TV and eating go together so I found something else to do while watching TV which is decluttering. I find that TV is still a problem. In the morning I watch the news and it's hard to get off the couch after 30 minutes. I think I just need to quit TV. Is there a Whole30 plan for that? I guess I could watch the news at the gym while on the treadmill. I'll make that a plan, but next week. 

I do want to say, I feel awesome. It feels good to know that I'm going to complete this. I can't wait to get on the scale. That's a bigger deal to me than eating cheese next week.


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