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This is my second whole thirty this year as my last whole30 I did not re-incorporate food groups well, so I am doing it over. Last time, I had severe diarrhea after eating the following foods: pork, beets, salad and popcorn (I am not sure what oil the popcorn was cooked in).

About two weeks later, I was feeling the same after eating beef tamales.

Later, I ate thai peanut chicken (contains peanuts, a bit of soy, and some coconut) and my stomach was in the same situation.

All three times, between 1-12 hours of eating the foods, my stomach felt incredibly sick, cramps, sweating, weakness and diahrrea for about an hour until the pepto bismol kicked in. I have never felt like this in my life and am hoping to narrow it down. Has anyone else experienced/heard of any of these food groups causing such severe symptoms? My body is anxious of it happening again because it was so painful. Would really appreciate any perspective you all would have!

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