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I am on my last week of Whole 30, and I am still experiencing some bloating. I had a whole 30 approved chipotle bowl, and I noticed it especially last night. I heard sometimes it means I need to try "low FODMAP" foods. Are there any other suggestions or advice? I am for sure way less bloated than before, but I was hoping this problem would be eradicated by now.



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If some days you're more bloated and some days less, it might be worth tracking your food and recording how bloated you feel, to see if there's any pattern.

Common things that could make people bloated include: eating a lot of nuts or seeds, eating a lot of raw vegetables, eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale) whether cooked or raw, and drinking carbonated beverages. There are other things that can as well, obviously, but these are pretty common ones, so if you know you've been doing these things, you could try cutting back on them and see if it helps.


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