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I need homestyle Indian vegetarian Whole30 recipes. My live-in mother-in-law (MIL) is an elderly woman from India with no desire to eat anything 'without flavor' (translation: without Indian spices). She has severe arthritis and diabetes. 

I am in planning stages of Whole30 for myself and working on bringing in the family too.

 The son (bacon) and husband (anything he doesn't have to cook) are easy.

It is the MIL I am concerned with. When she was diagnosed with diabetes she blew off the nutritionist because they didn't speak in 'Indian food' terms. Her diet has gotten worse as the sugar has taken over and since the rx is controlling it she is not worried. 

The only way this is going to work is if I have Indian recipes to go. 

She is full veg- never had meat in her life. (She will eat eggs cooked into food- as long as she can't taste or see egg). 

PS- Butter chicken (or Paneer/Veggie) is restaurant/wedding style food. Too heavy for regular consumption. 

Help! Any ideas are welcome.

Thank you!


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I am not going to try to give you recipes, because I don't know enough about authentic Indian foods to do that, but what I would suggest is looking at the foods you cook every day anyway, and seeing what you can do to make them Whole30 compatible. Most spices are fine on Whole30, just watch if you buy premade spice mixes that they don't have sugar or msg or anything off-plan in them. If there's a particular kind of dish you usually make, if you google Whole30 plus the name of that dish, someone somewhere has probably at leat attempted to remake it, so even if their version doesn't ultimately work for you, maybe it gives you a place to start.

Also, for your own health, try to remember that you can't force other people to make changes, and you aren't responsible for what they eat. You may never get your MIL to truly do a Whole30. Maybe the best you can do is get her to eat somewhat healthier when she's eating foods you've made, but she still won't make healthier things for herself. If that's the case, don't beat yourself up about it. Maybe you can find a dietitian who also knows Indian food who could help explain to MIL more about what she should eat within that framework, even if that's not Whole30. It's frustrating to not be able to get someone to make changes you know would be good for them, but ultimately they have to decide for themselves. 

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