Need after school snack ideas!


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My 13 year old is doing surprisingly well on our family Whole 30 ... ok, so it IS only day 4... but really, minimal complaints ...

EXCEPT, I don't know what to give her right after school when she's ravenous and I'm not ready to serve dinner yet.

To complicate matters more, three days per week she has swim team practice at 4:15. I don't want her going in with an empty tank.


Thanks in advance...

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Thank you Renee!

We have an hour between school and swim on those days and it's not long enough to go home so I try to take her some food... then swim is over at 5:30.... just in time for 6pm dinner. Do you think I still need to give her something right after swimming or can she wait to get home and have proper dinner?

Also after swim ideas? banana? apple? what's whole 30 compliant?

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I think it depends on her, how hungry she is and what's going to work for her.

In general, our pre workout recommendations are just enough protein and fat to get the body ready for working, without being uncomfortable. Munching on some chicken and guac would satisfy that, and shouldn't be too heavy that hopping in a pool and hour later would be a problem.

BUT, if she eats lunch at noon, and is really hungry when you pick her up, she may need something more substantial, which may be a problem.

In that case, can you send her to school with a "second lunch" to have before school gets out/before you pick her up?

Check in with her to see what she'd be more comfortable with

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