Former Vegan with chronic diseases and chronic fatigue: no improvement with W30 diet!!

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Hello everyone.

First consider this as my personal experience and opinion, not as what would happen to everybody. Probably W30 diet is ok for many people, but probably not for me and anyone with my problems. And sorry to indulge into some bodily details.

I've been first vegetarian for 10 years, then vegan for 11 years. Most of my life. During my veg years I never exaggerated with white pasta, carbs, soy or starches. Mostly I was living of buckwheat, quinoa, lentils, oat. Last 2 years I started to have massive health problems: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and endometriosis, plus I have as result of my conditions chronic cystitis, irritable bowel sindrome and chronic fatigue. 

So lately I tried many changes to my diet in order to be able to wake up from the bed and have energy and not pain everywhere. I did 8 months of raw veganism - I was not feeling good at all -. Went totally gluten free and soy free - still had fatigue, massive pains and relapses. Reintroduced some eggs, the last 3 weeks before starting W30 - I was again feel bad. Then I read about this diet online and I said to myself "well it's 20 years I'm not eating an animal but look, you're 35 and you can't move from your bed like a 85 years old, let's try it". 

So I'm on day 15th. So far I had a really bad fibro relapse - I was about to go to the hospital, couldn't even hold a cup in my hand or put down my trousers to go to toilet- , and a really bad endometriosis relapse - it's like 12 days I have an acute pain in my abdomen and pelvic areas. My bowel movements are worse than ever, I'm having constipation and hemorroids, plus diarrhea every 1/2 days. I'm having really low, low, low energy. 

I'm eating exactly as the guide propose: mostly lean meats as chicken or turkey, fish as salmon or tuna, size as suggested. Lots of veggies raw and cooked (for me excluding nightshades because of fibro), no sugars at all (I add a little coconut flour on my egg pancakes some days, but it's not a "sugar"), some fruits, nuts and seeds (and butter from them, as cashews butter or tahini), no msg, no soy, no no legumes, no grains, no nothing. I almost avoid salt, don't have coffee, cacao and vinegar for my conditions, and only green tea or herbal teas. I use olive oil (I'm from Italy so it's a good one), I never deep fry or grill foods, and don't exaggerate in anything, I suppose. I'm adding maca and chlorella on my foods some days supposedly to have more energy (but still, nothing) and I'm on 200mg pregabalin daily plus supplements (probiotics, herbal mood booster, magnesium, vitamins: without sugars inside). Didn't eat nothing that I could be allergic or sensitive last 14 days, or that I usually don't eat 

Still, I don't feel good at all, I have pains like never in the last 10 months (like before I went on meds). No tiger blood at all, but not even kitten blood. Today I tried to make a 45 sec exercise and I was not able to go to the end, as an example, or yesterday I was hardly getting out to make groceries and I had to make my stairs with at lot of pain.

I honestly was thinking of quitting, because I see really no results (only my health condition has really worsen and  also I got pimples on my face) but I said to myself "maybe it's going to change in a while". 

Do you think this is a reaction from not having meat, fish and eggs for so much time? Did someone experienced that? Does it get better?

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I'm very sorry you're not feeling well.  I don't know anything about the medical conditions that you suffer from so I can't offer specific advice but I would suggest that you salt your food.  When you are eating only whole foods that are cooked from fresh ingredients, you don't get any sodium and your body actually does need it. The reason that common advice is to remove salt from your food is because the majority of people are eating packaged and processed foods which are VERY high in sodium so a person would not need extra.  If you are not eating this and then also not salting your food, you may be creating a problem for yourself.

I would also suggest that you write down what you've been eating (create a food journal) and then go take a visit to your specialist - it sounds like you're in a flare of some sort because I'm not sure that food alone would be causing all these symptoms.

I would also suggest you remove the nuts/nut butter for now as these can cause digestive problems for some people.  For your fats (which I didn't see listed except for the nuts), you can try olives, avocado, mayo, mayo based sauces, ghee etc... make sure you're eating fat with each meal as per the template.

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Sorry for the repost, I was just not sure to which topic was more inherent. I use a reasonable amount of salt, suggested by nutrician for my health problems, and I never consumed packaged foods, like in a 7-8 years, maybe more. So that's not the case.

I'm already having a diary where I write what I eat and how I feel. Nuts are not giving me problems, as avocado. I tried ghee but it's too much heavy for my stomach. Olives are good but sparely, usually too much acid for me. I can't eat mayo because I can't eat the mustard, so no packed no homemade.  I eat fats in the amount is suggested by the W30 guide (avocado and olive oil mostly, but also  nuts, nut butter, coconut cream, olives etc). Day 16, no energy flow arrived. Joints pain, abdomen pain, back pain, low mood. Hope to finish fast this month as it's a torture so far:unsure:

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6 hours ago, Lilith panda said:

I can't eat mayo because I can't eat the mustard

You don't need to put the mustard in a homemade mayo - it will taste different but it's not one of the ingredients that is necessary for the mayo to BE mayo.

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