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Can I Have - Turkey made with "Chicken Broth" and "potato starch"


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There's definitely a lot of misinformation on the internet.  If you use the Whole30 resources, you'll be best off.  For instance, using the sneaky sugars pdf and the Can I have document, you can find a lot of items.  Potato starch is compatible with the whole30 as potatoes are compatible.  As for chicken broth, usually on ingredient lists, it'll look something like 'potato starch, chicken broth (chicken, carrot, celery, water...) If there's nothing non compatible in the brackets which is what makes up the ingredient then the chicken broth is fine. if there is no list behind it, then you can assume it's fine because labeling laws are quite strict and if there were things other than chicken and water in the broth, they would have to be listed.

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