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I'm starting on Tuesday 4th May, it'll be my fourth round, my little boy has just turned one year old & I want to get back to feeling good in my body again :) He's still very much breastfeeding though so I'll be keeping starchy veg on the high side this time :)

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Hi Katie! You started on May 3? How is it going for you? Are you having any of the side effects talked about in the book? Or is it going pretty smoothly so far? I just started on May 1 so this is Day 5 for me. I hope you are doing OK and that you are making progress in your Whole30!  Laurie



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I started my 4th round on Monday but then on Wednesday was struck down with the most horrific food poisoning. So it’s been a shaky start. I was already pretty much w30 anyway as I had reintroduced so few foods, but on Thursday the only thing I could stomach really was a slice of toast with marmite- cue almost instant flare of inflammation in a long standing hip injury which still has not completely subsided. 

I will resume my full W30 when I feel properly up to it but at least for now I know that’s a no-no, along with dairy (which I reintroduced after one of my previous rounds). What I have been able to eat has been compliant but it’s not exactly following the plan, not nearly enough veg or protein, and a lot of starchy potato and things like that. 

I was so looking forward to a good few weeks and some tiger blood returning as I’ve been feeling very low recently, and I was hoping to get 28 days in before going away on holiday. 

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