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So much aches and pains even after 30 days???


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Did the 30 days with my husband. Fabulous meals and stuck to it great.  Then the reintroduction - now out of control!  need to get back on the wagon.  Also, lots of aches and pains that I didn't expect.  I didn't experience the brain clarity and positive results i hoped for - and i was really good sticking to the plan.  Do I just need to continue - I'm 62, 185 lbs and 5'4" so I have weight to lose.  

Prior to this I was eliminating the sugar, flour and dairy, so generally its not hard to stick to it, but i have these binges of ice cream (french vanilla).  would love to hear ideas and motivation!  thanks.

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16 hours ago, PV21 said:

and i was really good sticking to the plan.

Hey there!  Sorry you're not feeling too great.  A couple questions to help clarify - 

Were you eating according to the template as well as just sticking to the rules? If you were under eating, restricting fats, not eating starchy carbs or not salting your food, those are all things that can contribute to not experiencing the most of the program.

Second, for the aches and pains, is it possible that you were eating a lot of something during the 30 days that you don't normally eat? Sometimes we have an intolerance to something we don't know about until we do the program and start eating a lot of something - there are some instances where something that is compatible with the program is not compatible with YOU.

Third, yes, it's possible that with your context, whatever is going on in your life, your own health challenges (if any) that 30 days may not be long enough. Our recommendation is to do a whole30, do the reintroduction and then use those reintroductions to determine what works for you and not.  It can be a journey to learn that tho for sure and really figure out what does and does not work for you and how to stick to that to your own best benefit.

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