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Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me. My mother and I wanted to start the Whole30, we are now in the preparation phase but I see there is a lot of eggs involved. My mum can´t have eggs per medical reasons and for me they do not sit so well (I can have them occassionally but not even every week, they get me really bloated and give me belly ache :)).

On the other hand I personally really dislike meat (texture, flavor, some also make me feel sick in the stomach, ethical reasons, etc). While I will keep an open mind and give it a try to add meat during this 30 days I see my recipe options very limited.

Is there alternatives to all the eggs (that is not just plain meat if possible), how does egg allergic people go about this?

Thank you so much for reading me and for your answers.


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It's possible to do Whole30 without eggs. If you're having trouble finding recipe ideas, Google Whole30 AIP recipes -- AIP (autoimmune protocol) is a more restrictive way of eating than Whole30, sonthere will be other things those recipes leave out that you can still have, like potatoes, but they should also leave out eggs.

For the meat, I would focus on the ones you do like. For the ethical concerns, it can be more expensive, but you might feel better about your options if you try to source animals that are raised well -- pastured or grass fed or free range. See if you can find local farmers that sell meat they've raised. Sites like may help you find some. For texture issues, it might help to hide the meat in casseroles or make fish patties/cakes (this is one place the AIP recipes may be really helpful since these usually use egg as a binder). 


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