On Day 33 and planning not to change anything right now.

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Hi Y’all, I’m new here.  I actually just finished Whole 30 last week.  Stayed strong the whole time which flat out blew my mind as I am so much of an instant gratification kind of girl.  Anyway, My 30th day was last Wednesday but I’m still on the 30 day plan so have not reintroduced anything yet and I kind of want to stay this way for a bit.  I’m marginally unmotivated and extremely tired of cooking and cleaning up.  I still have quite a way to go in my journey and am just looking for some support.  I think this community might be good for me.  (Maybe I can be good for y’all too!) :-)

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I didn’t reintroduce anything except wine after my first 30 days and now after 10 months I can count pretty much on one hand the number of non compliant foods I’ve had in that time. I didn’t have any specific goals in terms of chronic illness or things like that, so I didn’t  see any real need to experiment with reintro and actually I wanted a springboard into a permanent, clean, paleo lifestyle. When things have come up , for example Easter eggs, I have just navigated those, and they’ve not always been easy. When I have done reintroductions I have quite quickly established that I don’t really want those things. 
I agree with you on the cooking thing though and I have had to streamline my cooking/prep/menu to make It manageable as a long term plan. 
good luck! 
do you think you will eventually reintroduce anything or are you happy W30 for now? 

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