Started Second Whole30 May 1 - This one is harder

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I'm hope this is where I introduce myself. If not, forgive me and maybe someone can move it where it should be. My name is Laurie and I started my Whole30 on May 1, 2021. I'm on Day 4. This is my second Whole30. I did my first several years ago. I was in good shape and had already eliminated many items from my diet before going on my first Whole30 (bread, most sugar, dairy). I was eating lots of vegetables and fruit. So I was the 5% that breezed through it. I felt great on it and stayed on it for months on end. My issues with acid reflux and LPR went away and I was a happy camper. Life happened and I moved closer to my mom to help her. She was in her 90's and had Alzheimers. I was her caregiver for 5 plus years. She passed away at the age of 95 last October. I was eating pretty poorly by the end of mom's life, downing whatever was quick and easy. Like so many people I gained weight during this pandemic. I didn't know how much and didn't want to know. I knew none of my clothes fit me anymore though. So when I weighed myself prior to the start of the Whole30, I was shocked and dismayed. What? How did that happen? But that isn't the reason for this second Whole30. My acid reflux and LPR issues are back. This cannot happen. The Whole30 helped before and I'm counting on it helping me again. My first 4 days are tracking with what's in the book so far. I was surprised to feel so awful. I'm tired, cranky, clumsy (and I can't spell), my mind isn't working right and today I'm craving sweets. But I'm not quitting. I know how good I felt before and I want that again. So I decided to join the forum because it really helped me before. And I know I'm not alone here. The one thing I didn't do last time was the reintroduction and I really want to do it this time to find out what is actually causing my issues. I'm not sure if this will be a Whole30 or Whole60 or ...  It doesn't matter. I just want to feel good again. I'm glad to be here and am looking forward to hearing about other's journey on their Whole30.  I can't wait to see what Day 5 has to throw at me! Looks like all I need to do is read the book and I'll know. 

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Hi Laurie

I'm very sorry for your loss, which must have been especially difficult to deal with with all that's gone in the world this past year.

This is my fourth (i think) full round but this time I'm breastfeeding my one year old so I guess it might be different because of that. I too spent a long time eating whole 30ish and felt great but have allowed convenience to win over healthfulness since my son was born and am desperate to regain my energy and confidence! 

I'm on day 2 but feeling good so far :)

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Hello FairyLOu and thank you for your kind and insiteful words. It was difficult to deal with mom's death. It's like it happened yesterday. The trips to the ER were awful because she didn't understand and sometimes they wouldn't let us come in with her. We miss her so much. I have a whole new respect for our first responders and ER workers. They work so hard on our behalf. We called them many times. So I'm trying to get my life back and doing a Whole30 is part of that. It definitely helped me last time.

I'm glad you are feeling good on Day 2! That's a win in itself. And especially with a one-year-old to care for! We'll be going through these first days together. I hope you continue to feel good. I'm having a lot of side effects but you know what? I'm sleeping like a baby - something I wasn't doing before I started. And I'm starting to remember the routine. Yesterday I was having trouble remembering anything! So on to Day 5 for coffee in hand I will face whatever comes!





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