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I like to smoke the meat at home because it has a delicious flavor. Sometimes the meat smells of vanilla, other times of caramel. I experimented with many ways to smoke meat. I love ribs with kosher salt and black pepper, and a little bit of garlic. All the ingredients are good, chosen by me, the less, so the intense taste of the smoking will be present. Also, lately, I have tried to dry the meat to cook homemade beef jerky. I ate it with a friend, and I liked that it wasn't too dry. I asked him where he bought it from, and he told me, well, you can do it at home too. Ok, I was looking for a good dehydrator at and I tried my best to have a good result.

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If you prepare meat for smoking, do not use wood and sawdust of coniferous trees and birch for smoking. The finished product will eventually have a bitter taste with a specific smell of tar



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