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Planning a Picnic.... What to pack?

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Hi All!

I am planning a picnic with my boyfriendthis weekend and we are both doing Whole30 (him for the first time, me the third).

For a Chicago-style picnic on Lake Michigan, I would always pack booze, chocolate covered strawberries and all our favorite board games but this time will be different.

He has gracefully accepted this month of Whole30 so I want to ensure he enjoys our time at the lake! Him being from Wisconsin and me from Buffalo, NY we have a heavy staple in dairy and carbs... looking for any and all recs for awesome finger foods/snacks we can enjoy while we read or catch up on emails.

Open to mocktail recipes as well.... althought it seems water is the best and only true option.

If anyone lives around Gold Coast/Lakeview and is up for a group picnic date by the late please get in touch with me! I don't have any Whole30 pals in the city yet and we'd love to embark on this journey with you....and then celebrate it at the end of the month with a good bottle of wine/whiskey. 




xo - Elizabeth from Lakeview/Ravenswood

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Hard boiled or deviled eggs, meatballs, grilled chicken or steak cut in strips, various sliced veggies with some kind of dip (if you don't want mayo/ranch, there's tahini or guacamole or some faux "hummus" dips or even some spinach dips that use cashews to mimic creamy dips, just google Whole30 dips), olives, nuts and fresh fruit. 

As far as drinks, there are definitely mocktail recipes out there, just watch your ingredients. There's a few here: https://whole30.com/mocktails/ but feel free to experiment with combinations of teas and juices, using plain or flavored sparkling water for fizz. Or you can go with kombucha -- it's not everyone's thing, but it can be a refreshing, fizzy option. 

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Prosciutto,  zucchini sticks, carrot sticks, sweet potato sticks (I can eat them raw), Lara bars (watch for which ones are compliant), Epic bars, fruit (apples or other things to bite and chew for the whole stimulate by eating/chewing thing), Cuties/tangerines/halos for something easy to carry, compliant smoked sausage if you can find it.

Kudos for trying to make it a good experience for both of you!

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