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Does anyone do this? Like straight up put some olive oil or avocado oil on veggies or potatoes? I’m picky about my fat (trust me, I’ve gotten a million recommendations now but my options are limited).

Today I put some avocado oil on my potatoes and veggies. How much should I be using? I heard 1-2 tablespoons (closer to 2 because I’m a big person), but it seemed like my food was swimming in oil and it was very unsatisfying!

Is this healthy to do or recommended at all?

Should I limit how often I use straight up oil as my plated fat?


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For each meal, you want a serving or two of fat. It doesn't all have to be the same fat. So if you don't like olives enough to do a handful, but you could eat a couple, and a teaspoon of oil or mayo, and a couple of almonds, and you've got some fat you cooked stuff in or that's in your meat -- whatever fats you have in the meal add up. If you're having some fat in each meal and your meals keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours, you’re probably getting enough.

I drizzle oil over veggies sometimes -- I use more over a baked potato or sweet potato where it gets absorbed, less with things that don't really absorb it. You can also mix the oil with herbs to add some flavor, or look for flavored oils. I found a lemon flavored olive oil that I like when I'm just adding a little oil to vegetables, or there are garlic infused oils. You can make oil-based sauces like chimichurri or pesto, or even use salad dressings on cooked vegetables or meats. The flavored oils and sauces don't feel quite as much like I'm just drowning food in oil for the sake of getting in some fat. 

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