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I'm new and just getting started.  I've started by using the recipes in The Whole30;  30 Day Guide.  The recipes for the first week plan say they are for two but they seem to be like four servings to me.  I'm not used to eating this much food.  Is it OK to change the serving sizes or should I be eating these large portions?  The recipes are interesting and taste great - I'm just having a hard time eating that much.  I live alone so don't have anyone to share with.

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You should fix a plate of food according to the template that keeps you full for 4-5 hours between meals.  There's no one size fits all because each person's needs, activity and body type are different - I think the servings are a suggestion altho I can't say I ever look at the serving sizes because I just make a thing and then use it as part of a template meal.  The template is linked in my signature below if you need a quick look. 

Also, it's great that you don't have anyone to share with! That means leftovers!! (I live alone also!)

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Thank you.  For the first week, I was trying to follow the one week recipes etc. in the book, and there's so many leftovers, that some will go bad before I get to them!  As the week goes on I'm fixing less and less.  So far I've not been inclined to snack!


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