STARTING MAY 24TH - Who's with me? (after Shavuos)

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Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the Forum.  I'm on Day 10 so I'll be on my last week when you are beginning. I'm considering doing a Whole60 so I might be here longer. Sounds like you've done this before? I did my first Whole30 around 2014 so it's been awhile. 

A suggestion for looking for partners. Jot down the people who begin on or around your start date so you can track with them through the process. I've been on for over a week now and haven't seen many people introduce themselves. I'm glad you did. Maybe I just haven't figured out the best way to use this forum. It's set up by subject matter. 

Hope to see you in a few weeks!  Laurie


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Hi Jennifer! I am starting on the 24th as well! Was going to do it today, but I want to go back over the book and get some essentials prepped before I start next Monday. I've lost 50 lbs as least 3 times in my life and my relationship with food has been fickle over the years. Hoping for a complete reset and looking forward to making positive changes that last for life. WE GOT THIS!!! (most likely doing at least a Whole 60)


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Hi Jennifer! And Laurie and Lauren, too.

I will be starting on the 24th also, right after I get back from vacation. I’m truly looking forward to feeling wonderful after I eliminate all these foods from my daily rotation. And it’s always good to take this journey with other people.

I think I’ll make some white chicken chili to kick off my first week. One of my favorite whole 30 recipes; I’m sure it will put me in a great mood. 

Good Luck to all!


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Hello everyone, 


I am also starting tomorrow, May 24. I had a very successful round a few years ago, but haven't been able to stick to it again since. COVID hasn't helped. But, I am very motivated right now and have the food prepped and support from husband (he's the cook around here). Would love accountability!

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