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We're a couple weeks out from the end of the 30 days. My husband has had great results, but he started off with a lot of issues. I did not start with any issues, and at this point I've only lost some pounds. No improvement in health, sleep, energy, etc. Again, I really wasn't suffering from anything anyway. I am changing my relationship and attitude towards food, which I plan to continue to work at. But my question is, since I'm pretty well convinced there are no allergies or sensitivities, do I have to transition the way it's laid out on the website? One day add something in, then two days 100% Whole30, then one day trying another thing, then 2 days back, etc. Can I just gradually add things and not worry about going back and forth like that? Or just pick them up when they present themselves? We are getting the book and hopefully that will answer this question, but I want to start planning things out. My husband will definitely take the slow transition, but I just don't really know if I need to bother.

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You can do reintroductions in whatever way makes sense to you. If there's any food that you wonder if you might be sensitive to, it makes sense to do the regular reintroduction for at least that food, because when else will you have such a clean slate work with? But there is also something called a slow roll reintroduction,  it's talked about in this article, just scroll down or search on the page for slow roll: -- that sounds more like what you're talking about, adding things as they come up.

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@ShannonM816, I did read about the slow roll, but I was kind of wondering if, on the fast track, I could just not do the 2 days in between thing? The "eat a certain food, go back to W30 for two days, eat another thing, back to W30", etc.  Is that only if there's a reaction, or that's the way to do it period? Like I said, I see no evidence thus far that any food adversely affected my health, so I'd rather go back to eating foods without always checking labels (or have a piece of toast with my eggs) as soon as possible. :)

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I did a slow roll (verrrrry slooooow) over about 8 months because I, like you, thought there were no food sensitivities and was mostly working on my relationship with food. However, by doing that I have found I absolutely have some effect from dairy and gluten/grain, I also am very sensitive to pimento (allspice) and I have also learned since incurring an injury to my hip that I am sensitive to too many eggs. Eg can eat mayo, or 1-2 eggs, but if I have 3 or 4 in a day then I get inflamed. So I would still suggest that you reintroduce things gradually and separately and monitor how they affect you. Of course, some of my sensitivities are actually compliant and it has taken me longer and needing to be completely w30 to identify those, particularly the eggs! 
I do like the clean paleo eating though and have no desire really to return to my old ways; I can imagine if you really want those things coupled with not really feeling any benefits from cutting them out then it might feel different. 

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