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Maria Fernanda

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Hello everyone!

Today is my day 00 for the second whole 30 round. I'm planning to do a whole60, but let's see first how things go with the first 30 days.

My first whole30 was in february/march and I felt great. In the past weeks I have been eating everything I can't, and I can mostly see that my anxiety levels are high. Body wise, I feel more constipation, but everything else is OK. It's just the anxiety that annoys me and I learned with my first whole 30 that it is because of sugar.


In this new whole 30 I want

- Reduce the amount of dried fruits and nuts 

- Have nicer breakfasts that include more than eggs and fruits

- Stick to only 3 meals, unless I'm doing sports

- Exercise 6 days a week 

- Plan my meals in advance

- Spend less money and shopping smart

- Wake up early everyday

- Go back down to 65 kg (currently 68)

- Sleep better


Today is day 00 and I'll

- Plan my meals for the week

- Read a bit about the second round of whole 30

- Recheck all the rules

- Remove everything I can't from my home

- Sleep early to start a nice and early day tomorrow


Wish me luck.

All advices are welcome <3 


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Day 01 menu

- Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with spinach and coconut milk. With a side of a melon edge, almonds and raisins. Coffee. 

- Lunch: I was out and not prepared, so when I got back home (around 15:00) I had a banana and coffee. 

- Dinner: Chicken burger with salad, tomato and cucumber, with homemade whole30 mayo and some potatoes in the oven. 

I feel good today, not hungry. Still feeling a bit crappy from the before whole30 food, but I know this will go out.

I didn't manage to do proper exercises, but I did walk 11,4 km (16000 steps).


- I also prepared some boiled chicken and some chopped chicken in the oven, as well as had some salad already cut, for tomorrow and the next days for lunch. If I don't have prepared I tend to skip, so I thought it would be a great idea to have some easy meal in the fridge.


I am documenting everything on my Instagram, if you wanna see pictures go for @mflopesferreira

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Hey you are starting again! Good for you. I think R2 will feel different to R1, you get the tiger blood quicker I found, and the detox isn’t as harsh. 
I agree about planning your food, this week I have not planned well and I have just found I skipped a meal or just ate an apple. That’s ok for one day but after a few days it gets really boring and I start getting hungry. 

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I think this time will be different, I can feel that. The only thing I'm afraid is to relax way too much, now that I know the rules. 

So 2 days ago I had some personal problems with my ex-boyfriend and I got super anxious. I went for a walk, got hungry (after not eating for a whole day), and grabbed a McDonalds! That frustrated me so much. First because I was in my day 2, second because I discounted my anxiety on food. So I learned from that and I won't do that again (I hope so!).


Today is day 1 all over again then. 

- Morning: 2 eggs, banana, almonds, coconut milk

- Lunch: Chicken meatballs, salad, banana, raisins, coconut milk, almonds

- Dinner: Chicken bacon salad.


It's definitely easier to be the whole day complaint, I just hope I can stick with it!!! 

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I don’t think our animal brains ever really forget that McDonald’s (or chocolate, or pizza, or cake...) gives us that emotional boost that no healthy food can give. That chemical rush we experience when we eat those things, our bodies remember that when we feel stressed or anxious. Sometimes we can overrule that, but I don’t think it ever goes away. 
 I had a stressful day today and then heard some sad news and I self medicated with some dates and nut bars which was as close to sweets/candy as is possible to get on w30. So I know where you are! 

I hope you have a good day tomorrow 


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Exactly @Rebecca001, it is exactly how I feel. But this is over now, thank god! 

This weekend I couldn't do whole 30 because the place I work had so many leftovers and I didn't have food home, so I end up eating their dinner. It was healthy, but I'm pretty sure there was sugar hidden somewhere. 

I started today again, and I skipped breakfast because I woke up only at 10.00. Eating sugar the past couple of days made me super tired and constipated.  I had eggs, spinach, turkey bacon, mayo, banana and fruits for lunch. It was nice. And I plan to have chicken soup for dinner. 

Have you tried turkey bacon? It is the only one I found with almost no fat and no sugar. It is actually very good.



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We do have turkey bacon here but I have never looked at it, I will try it. I have never found a compliant bacon and I tend to use Parma ham if I want a bacon-y twist! 

I have had a diabolically bad week. I had a massive crash out yesterday, exhausted, stressed, hormonal- I went totally off the rails. And then today I finish work, go home, start packing to leave for holiday tomorrow- and then get a call from my daughter to say her friend had tested positive for Covid and she has to self isolate for ten days! So she can’t come on holiday with us!! Luckily she is 17 and very sensible but I am so sad because I wanted her to come with us! Because of my total crash yesterday, of course I doubly wanted to eat junk food today. 

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Try out the turkey bacon, I am sure you will like it. It's funny because here in Denmark all parma or serrano ham have sugar. I found out they actually don't label it. Here they say the ingredients are: pork ham, stabilizer and so on... and then I was researching what they consider pork ham, and it turns out the pork ham has added sugar. :( It happened this in my first whole 30, and I was so disappointed. 

But the turkey bacon I buy from an organic brand and it's just pork meat and some 'chemicals', but all of them natural and no added sugar. And it has less fat, so it's amazing. 

Aw that's sad to hear, I'm sorry. I hope your daughter doesn't have covid. Do you feel your stress and exhaustion were related to food? Or work related? How are you feeling now?

To me it has been 5 days where I have only compliant stuff. I'm not counting the 30 days now, it doesn't make sense to me (especially now I have been dating and once in a while I want to eat something different). But I am definitely being more strict and I don't miss bad food at all, so I would say I'm back on track. I wonder how long this will go, I hope longer <3 

And I was happy that I was able to then spend less money in groceries this month, compared to my first whole 30 and I think this is great. It's being easier for me to adapt and "think outside the box" <3 

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It’s just been a stressful exhausting few weeks. Not sure how Covid is affecting things still where you are, but in the Uk it has changed the way we are doing exams at the end of high schools- well my job is organising the exams in a high school, so you can imagine how difficult it has been! 
I am currently on holiday and I am really enjoying some really clean eating  and time to work on some self care. It’s got very warm here so lovely sunny days on the beach, lovely salads, bbq and fruits. Yummy! 
I ate a tiny bit of gluten based flour/batter last night on some fish and my stomach was really bloated and uncomfortable all night. It actually helps me that it does that to me, because it makes it very easy to avoid it. 
I agree with you, I don’t count the 30s anymore. I do it when I can, and every now and then I have a day off/ I try a new food, or test a reaction- and go through my whole ‘is this worth it?’ thing, usually I decide that actually, it isn’t! This is for life now. 

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In Denmark COVID still affects, but not as much as a couple of months ago. I can imagine that is so difficult for you.

It is nice that you are able to using your holidays as a way of doing clean eating and taking care of yourself, that will sure help all the other pain/stuff in the body :D I am thinking that this period of time has been easier to cope with the whole 30 because of the weather. I feel more likely to have only meat and salad, instead of bigger meals, and this is being nice! The only difficult part is not having ice cream, especially in these sunny days.

I understand what you mean about gluten, that is exactly how I feel. I feel constipated, it is the worst.

Do you think not following the programme again is a problem for you? Today it is a week I was completely compliant and I had a iced latte today. No sugar, but it had a bit of milk :( I'm feeling sad I did that, it was without thinking. But otherwise I have been super compliant. However, I am feeling that is harder now to stay 30 days, maybe because I am thinking that I wanna stay like this forever, so once in a while is ok to have something outside of the programme.


What do you think about that?

I tried chicken tights with dijon mustard (no sulphates) and topped with seasam. THIS IS AMAZING!

Otherwise, so far so good over here :) Excited for all these food and not even thinking about chocolate.

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Hi you all. Long time I don't show up here.

June was a hard month and I went out of control with the diet. Yes, most of the time I had compliant foods, but I had way too much bad stuff which has increased my allergy and reduced my immunity. So I'm back on track. I made a few adjustments and what I most wanna know is about body fat now.

I added to my diet whey protein and peanut butter. Yes lactose is bad for me, but I found that 2 spoons of whey protein doesn't affect that much - lactose wise speaking.

I also added peanut butter because I don't feel peanuts have any effect on my body. These are the only two products I'm having that is besides whole 30.

As I am in this process of losing body fat, I wanted to know from you all what else have you added/removed from your whole 30 diet to adapt to this process of losing bad fat/gaining muscles. 

Another thing that have changed is that I'm going pretty much every day to the gym, which has an amazing effect on my mental health <3


Good july to you all.

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Hey, you’re back! 

when I want to lose weight, I have to go back to basics on the programme. For me that means no alcohol, completely strict w30 and also be really focussed on the meal template. Having big meals with long gaps in between and no snacking or eating in the evening. I am doing another full round now, (actually only 27 days because of my birthday!) and I already feel so much better and I think weight has gone this time but I’ve not weighed myself. 

to build muscle, you need protein in your diet! you need to keep  working at it because it (of course) doesn’t show straight away . To strip fat through exercise, the best way is to do interval training (so you do eg 30 seconds high intensity work, then 30 second rest or low intensity, repeated for eg 30 minutes) As you get fitter you can do eg 45:15 or 50:10. There are so many hiit workouts on YouTube you can easily find one you like by doing a quick search. You also will not find a better way to strip fat than running, but of course it’s not always everyone’s favourite (and you must make sure you run faster than your knife and fork can eat or you won’t lose any weight at all!) 

I am coming up to a year on this clean diet now, and I am really noticing my muscle definition starting to show now- but it has taken a long time and regular weight bearing and cardio exercise. 

it’s amazing  that you are feeling benefits to your mental health because that is what will keep you going when it gets tough. Good luck!! 

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Hey @Rebecca001! Thanks for all the tips. 

I am going to the gym often and also having a high amount of exercise everyday because of work. But I kind that feel stuck because I can't finish my whole30. It is like every day I wake up, do my whole30 breakfast, but then I eat something not allowed in the middle of the day and then it's over. It is not that I am eating super bad, but I have been eating what I shouldn't. And I feel bad about it. I am not losing weight also and that has annoyed me a little. 

Now I am in a paradigm and I wanted your opinion. I work as a housekeeper, and it's summer, so this means we have tons of work everyday. Like today at work I had 10 hours of intensive work, 20 km walked and 901 kcal spent according to my Apple Watch. This means that if I don't eat a bunch of food, I am starving. Specially later when I finished with work. Therefore, as I don't have lunch breaks, I was thinking about easy/high calorie/nutritional meals to bring to the hotel. It came to my mind now to do some tuna sandwich but I would feel awful about eating bread. Do you have any suggestions? Like, today I was starving so I went downstairs and got McDonalds. Between tuna sandwich and mc, of course tuna is healthier. Still, is non-whole 30 compliant and I would like to avoid. 

Sometimes I bring apple or almonds/raisins but that doesnt help. 

Do you have any suggestions of what I could bring or have it quickly prepared in the early morning?


Thank you! I hope you finished your whole 30 and celebrated your birthday. How's all going?

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Hi @Maria Fernanda I am doing ok thank you. I finished my w30, it was actually a w27! And had my birthday, completely compliant (except wine!) I am now on holiday for 2 weeks but except for alcohol I am still 100% compliant- except yesterday I ate some squid in a gluten flour batter and all night my belly just rumbled away. 

I really struggle for lunches too, I try to prep in advance. You sound like you need to firstly make sure you eat a BIG breakfast, with lots of fat/protein. Then have something you can grab quickly. 
you could make a Spanish omelette/tortilla using cooked potato and egg and add veg like peppers or olives? I make them using leftovers too, so if I have potato at any evening meal I make extra and do an omelette. It keeps in the fridge well.

or what about Thai fishcakes using your tuna, mashed potato etc. and chilli/lime/coriander? 

there is a recipe for scotch eggs which is just boiled egg, wrapped in minced/ground pork meat. They are so nice, really filling, pure protein! 

I would also make sure you are drinking enough water if you are doing that much physical work every day, you probably could be thirsty and that’s why you feel so hungry? 

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