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Kat1W3o...My first Whole30


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Hi! My name is Kathy, I just turned 33 and I guess I'm a little bit late starting this log, as today is day 9 for me. I really started to concentrate on my health last year, after being tagged in a facebook pic and saying...oh, no - that is NOT me. :rolleyes: I started eating "healthier" and going to the gym, then I fell in love with weightlifting. I ran a 5x5 program most of last year and benefited from a substantial increase in strength - it's amazing what our bodies can do when we give them what they need! But I needed to get my diet in order....enter Whole3o - I stumbled upon ISWF by accident and my eyes were opened!

I started my first Whole3o on Jan. 2. I planned meticulously for this (I had been hyping myself up for months, telling everyone I know). You know how planning goes though...I grossly underbought at the grocery store the first week and only slightly underbought this week...lol.

The first 5 days or so were carb-flu city. I felt like a zombie and all I wanted to do was sleep (though I did feel energized by going to the gym). And BOOM! Day 6 was like energy-queen returns. I feel better than I felt 10 years ago, easy.

Thought I'd introduce. I'll start logging my meals tomorrow :D

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Thanks Derval! :D Things are going great so far, except I think I'm coming down with the flu :( So glad I made a huge pot of chicken soup over the weekend!

Breakfast (I acutally ate most of it before I ran out of the house - late - to work!):

1 blueberry "meatcake" - blueberry sausage patty recipe I got from stuffimakemyhusband - it's awesome!

2 eggs, scrambled with 2 tbsp pico de gallo and 1 cup of spinach

Lunch: Chicken soup (homemade stock, chicken, carrots, onion, parsnips, kale, red peppers - it's delicious)

Dinner: More chicken soup. I know I'm really short on food today from what I usually eat so I threw some coconut milk into my tea and had a handful of almonds.

So, not as exciting as I expected my first post to be - I was planning on a chcken curry with stir fried broccoli & red peppers tossed in a chili paste :( Hopefully I'll be feeling like cooking tomorrow! I also had to postpone my workout and it was squat day - one of my favs. Time to make some ginger lemon tea (yuck) and see if the eucalyptus oil on the feet works!!!

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Today is day 13!!!

Three days and I'm back from the dead. I definitely had a case of the floozies (lol). Eyes felt like they were boiling in my skull, body felt like a preschooler decided to practice accupuncture on me with nails!! I refrained from cold meds, sticking with advil, frequent saline rinses and OMG found menthol breathright strips. I think those saved me. The man in the corner actually stopped playing video games to remind me to wake up and eat and then he cleaned up my mess :wub: . So, other than Friday (which consisted of double meat chicken soup - so not too bad) I actually got my meals in as prescribed. I even made a delicious mushroom, onion and asparagus frittata on Sunday.


B: 1 slice of egg bake (this week I added green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onion and tomatoes), 1 blueberry sausage patty, and a spinach salad with roasted garlic balsalmic vinegarette

L: Leftover primal jambalaya (from Marks Daily Apple) minus the cauliflower rice, because I just couldn't get one more dish dirty last night. Salad with kalamata olives, onion, tomato and above vinegarette.

Pre-WO Snack: small portion of chicken (left over from the bird I roasted last night) a cup of greens and a half handful of olives

Managed to get the squat session that I missed on Friday in today :D

Cycle1, Week2 of 5/3/1


BW x 20

Bar x 15

65 lbs x 5

80 lbs x 5

95 lbs x 3


110 lbs x 3

125 lbs x 3

140 lbs x 6

BBB Squats

5 sets of 85 lbs x 10

Seated Leg Curl

5 sets of 10 @ 55 lbs +5lbs

D: And oh - I'm excited about this one: Baked mustard lime chicken (the marinade was so good, I made extra to drizzle over the sweet potatoes) with sweet potatoes (duh) and broccoli. It was fab. I have leftover chicken for 2 meals too!

I also had my first cravings over the weekend: toast (not a huge surprise because I always want this when I'm sick) and I had my first wine craving. I'm shocked that this one took so long to rear it's ugly head...lol! Fought it, over it. I can't believe it was so easy!

At this point in time, there is no doubt in my mind that this is how my body was meant to be fueled. I have so much energy, it's almost ridiculous and I have a much less, um, sassy demeanor ;). I still feel like there's a shoe waiting to drop, because for the most part, I've adjusted with no problems whatsoever. Yeah, I had a few days where I was really dragging, but that's about it. I guess I figured that because I had never done paleo or restricted carbs or whatever I would have a rough road.

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Sounds like you have a good routine! I definitely need to make more use out of my slower cooker... AND I really need to get my ars out of bed sooner, but I fear for the lives of the innocent that come across me at early morning hours. How my husband has survived? IDK. Have you tried the bacon Brussels sprouts from Marks Daily Apple??? They are pretty incredible, although finding sugar free bacon is nearly impossible O.o

Good Luck!!!

P.S. I am uber jealous of your work outs. I am just figuring out my starting points for the basic primal movements. Makes me feel like a giant purple sea slug.

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Sounds like you have a good routine! I definitely need to make more use out of my slower cooker... AND I really need to get my ars out of bed sooner, but I fear for the lives of the innocent that come across me at early morning hours. How my husband has survived? IDK. Have you tried the bacon Brussels sprouts from Marks Daily Apple??? They are pretty incredible, although finding sugar free bacon is nearly impossible O.o

Good Luck!!!

P.S. I am uber jealous of your work outs. I am just figuring out my starting points for the basic primal movements. Makes me feel like a giant purple sea slug.

LOL - you and I must be sisters. It's weird - EVERYONE in my family (extended too) is a "morning person". Me, I'm like what the heck is that? There has actually been an unspoken rule in my house since I was 9 or 10 that you don't talk to me in the AM unless I speak first, otherwise you'll probably get the sharp end of my wit :D My mom was kind enough to pass that on to my fiance...lol!

On a serious note - having meals ready to throw in the crock pot or ready to go from freezer to oven is what has saved me this winter, since I normally don't get home until around 8 at night. The weight training has been a work in progress. I don't crossfit either and everything I do, I've taught myself, but I found a great forum that gives me support and critique. I totally felt like a giant slug when I started and silly to boot! The best advice I can give is bodyweight, bodyweight, bodyweight exercises to nail down your form then go get it! Be consistent and keep progression in mind....and remember - no matter how much you think everyone is looking at you, no one really is :)

Nice squats Kat!

Thanks Derval! I'm hoping to see some big increases in my squat #s this year...I'm shooting for 225lbs by y/e :o

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1-15*-2013: Day 14 (oh my how the time flies)

Okay, so first things first, I'm feeling guilty of taking that advil (actually it was plain jane asprin now that I looked at the bottle) for my fever, because I know it probably has some nasties in it. I only took 2 doses and I had to do something as my temp climbed over 100degrees F. I'm still I guess gonna post it up in the forum to see if my first W30 is a bust because of it. :( I'll still carry on my merry way until the end of this 30 days, but I'd like to know. I'm also hoping that I now have immunity (ha!) so I won't run into any potential snafus when I do a whole45+ in April. :D

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, it's so good I actually don't mind eating it everyday - that's a score right there!

Lunch - leftovers city! Chicken and broccoli. The broc was a small portion so I also had a salad with some onions and kalamata olives (drool)

Wasn't hungry for a preworkout today, so I didn't

Post workout - a piece of my delicious egg bake (again)

Dinner - Chili!!! I made it nice and spicy (and used my last can of compliant tomatoes sadly). I included a couple of cups of kale (shredded) in the chili to add to the veg content.

I managed to get in my OHP workout today, despite building congestion...I have busted out the humidifier with hopes that it will help

Warmup (done with DBs, weight = total weight)

25lbs x 5

35 lbs x 5

40 lbs x 3

Working sets (done with a BB rolleyes.png)

50 lbs x 5

55 lbs x 3

65 lbs x 6...I didn't push for any additional push presses here, I'm taking it easy this week


5 sets of 10 @ 40lbs +5lbs

Chinups - yeah, right. I can't breathe I'm so congested...I managed 1 at BW then did some work on the assisted machine-thing

so...1 BW + 10 (40lb offset)

8 (32 lb offset)

6 (26 lb offset)

4 (22 lb offset)

3 (16 lb offset) - as low as it would go

Then I did a half one at BW...lol.

I'm hoping that I can breathe better next week, so I can add a little cardio back into my routine (especially since next week is a boring deload week).

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Less congestion = winning! It's day 15 and I can't believe how the time is flying by! Today I really noticed a mental clarity that I don't think I've ever possessed before :)

Breakfast - the usual - egg bake (with spinach, onion, mushroom - I added some pico today) and a blueberry sausage patty

Lunch - leftover chili lime chicken on a salad with a dijon vinagerette

Dinner - avocado stuffed burger (omgyum! from Civilized Caveman), half a sweet potato cooked in coconut oil with red pepper flakes (still trying to like these suckers) and about 2 cups of broccoli.

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Definitely didn't get enough sleep last night and totally my own fault! :( B&L was the usual, but I'm cooking up something new for next week! My afternoon got overly hectic and I didn't have my preworkout snack. I don't think it affected my performance too much, but I'm glad I'm still in cycle 1. If I had been pushing PRs, I probably would have been in trouble.



75lbs x 5

95 lbs x 5

115 lbs x 3

Working sets:

145 lbs x 5

165 lbs x 3

185 lbs x 6


5x5 @ 135lbs wink.png


5x10 @ 105 lbs +5 lbs

Roman chair leg raises

10,10,10,8...that's all I had in me tonight

Post workout I had a pouch of tuna - finally found some without soy! :D

For dinner I made mini-meatloaves with an italian kick, roasted turnip and I sauteed up some onion, garlic, tomato and spinach in some ghee and topped it off with a bit of balsamic vinegar. It was tasty! Making an effort to get to bed early tonight!

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I had to get up even earlier than usual today to do some meal and gym prep and shockingly had some extra time (probably because I'm no longer staring at the wall for half an hour while I pump coffee into my system!) so I made something different for breakfast - it was a nice change of pace!

B - hash made with homemade chorizo, grated sweet potatoes, onion, garlic and spinach

L - leftovers from dinner last night (meatloaf, roasted turnips, sauteed spinach with onions and tomatoes) I also had a small amount of leftover broccoli so I threw it all into a container. I must admit - last night I did NOT love my dinner but today it was FANTASTIC. It's amazing what a couple hours in the fridge can do for flavors!

D - Pot roast (w/turnips, carrots and onions) and salad. My pot roast was dry :( I used a leaner cut of meat than usual (sale too good to pass up) AND the man in the corner is out of town on business, so there was no one here in the afternoon to add liquid if necessary (and it WAS necessary). Still tasted good. I'm trying to re-hydrate it overnight in the fridge since I'll have leftovers for quite a few days.

Less than stellar night at the gym, but bench day always is. I did nail all my prescribed weight and reps though, so I can't complain too much!

I discovered coconut manna today - holy bedazzled flavor! I can totally see how this could be food without breaks for people. Luckily, it sits a little heavy in my stomach, so I was easily able to stop at a teaspoon! (added to dinner,since obviously the meat didn't have enough fat...lol)

I'm doing battle with one of my dragons tonight....not sure if it's actually the wine dragon or if it's just the routine. I've been totally fine on the weekends up to this point, so I'm thinking it's more "the man is out of town" and I normally do a wine and pampering night the first Friday of every time he's away. So, I think I'll save the pampering until tomorrow, during the day :)

PS I'm totally stoked because I just found a local farm with animal wellness cert that sells to the public! right now they are concentrating on their pork, so that's what I'll get from them and maybe they can direct me to a cow and bird farm. The farm is only 20 minutes away - MUCH better than driving an hour to Whole Foods!!!

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So, I had planned on eating that (not so) delicious pot roast all weekend, since it was just me home...but nothing I did to it made it palatable. Saturday I was bad, bad with variety. I ate eggs with onion and spinach every meal - I just didn't feel like cooking. I did, however, rearrange ALL of my downstairs furniture :D That being said, I ate way too little and sufferred from a few dizzy spells :(

Sunday I got back on track with my eating and did all of my food prep plus got in my last squat session of this cycle. This week is a deload, so the gym-time will be pretty boring. I also got my name added to the list at above mentioned farm...hopefully they'll have some happy pork for me to buy soon!

This week's breakfast egg bake includes homemade sausage (lots of it :)) spinach, onion, tomato and fresh dill. It's pretty darn good, though I wish I could get it to say "puffed up" more, like when I used to use milk...I wonder if coconut milk would work?? The extra sausage is doing a good job of keeping me fuller in the morning - SCORE!

Lunch - salad with beef tenderloin

Dinner - chicken, tomato and spinach stuffed red peppers with guacamole and jicama slaw with a really good blood orange dressing

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Having problems with endurance and strength..ugh! And hunger issues...double ugh!

So, let's start wtih the good. I feel great! I'm sleeping well for the first time in my adult life (like the dead actually), I have sustained energy throughout the day (no more begging for a 2:30 siesta and complaining that it's not fair that kids get naptime), and I've been getting tons of compliments on my appearance (everyone seems to think I'm doing my makeup differently - HA! I haven't changed my look in years!).

However, I think I need to be eating more fats and more starchy veg (here come the dreaded sweet potatoes). I seem to be getting hungry at the 3.5 hour mark instead of the 4-5 hour mark. Not just hungry, but HUUUNNNGRY! So, I think I'm going to add a half an avocado to my breakfasts and maybe some to lunch as well. I hope that will help stretch out my meals to fit into the 4-5 hour window.

Now, I started noticing decreased strength in my workouts last week as well as feeling more winded than usual after particularly long sets (the 10 reppers). I totally chalked this up to still recovering from the flu. This week is a deload for me, so I'm doing everything at 50-60% of my training weights and with lower reps and tonight, I could barely get through those lower rep sets. :angry: :angry: :huh: I can think of no other reason than I need to eat more starchy veg, because looking back through my food log, I've been focusing on getting more green stuff in...probably because root veg in general are not my favorite :( Maybe my body is just trying to switch over to fat for energy but I haven't been giving it enough? I just don't know. I figured I'd have this sorted out by day 21 :rolleyes:

Here's the daily roundup:

B: mixed greens salad with onion, olives, bell pepper and balsamic vinegrette, 2 pieces of my new egg bake with extra sausage (I'd say it's about 3 eggs, 1 cup of veg and 1/4 cup homemade sausage total) 2 tbsp guacamole

L: medium red bell pepper stuffed with the chicken,tomato, spinach stuff from last night, 2 tbsp guac, 1.5 c jicama slaw (jicama, broccoli, carrots,cauliflower, celery)

Pre-w/o: 1/4 cup chicken mixture (more leftovers) and 1/4 avocado

Post w/o: 1/4 cup chicken mix and 1/4 c celery root puree

Dinner: 1/2 spaghetti squash (about 2.5 cups) & 1 cup spinach, wilted topped with a tbsp ghee and 6 gf meatballs

No workout tomorrow, though I'm going to add some sweet potato to breakfast and some squash to lunch again, maybe more avocado. I hope this will help, idk at this point. kinda frustrated :( (though my clothes are loose, that feels good)

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Eek - it's been 2 days. Adding the extra fat has DEFINITELY helped with making it a full 4-5+ hours between meals - YAY! I've also been eating a sweet potato every day (usually split up between breakfast and lunch). I'm actually thinking I might be starting to like (kinda) sweet potatoes.

I wound up making a pot roast in the crock pot on Wednesday night. After i ate dinner, I realized I had no leftovers for lunch yesterday, but I did have a chuck roast that was defrosted, which I had planned on making Thurs anyways. I had some of the meat for lunch then for dinner sauteed said meat with a bag of powergreens (spinach, chard, bok choy and kale) with some garlic and extra balsamic vinegar. It was pretty darn good :D

No gym dizzies today! I know it was only a deload session, but I kept my BBB sets progressing with weight, just dropped down to 3 sets instead of 5. The real test will be next week when I start Cycle 2 of Wendler's 5/3/1.

I've been trying to make sleep a bigger priority, which resulted in the lack of posts the past couple of days...trying to get that nightly routine in place... :rolleyes:

Tonight I made gf steak seared in ghee with mushrooms and EVOO sauteed baby bok choy and zucchini with garlic and some coconut aminios. At the very end I topped them off with some sesame seeds and a few drops of sesame oil. Should have shook on some red pepper flakes - that would have been good! Me and the man in the corner split a half avocado as well, and he actually helped with the dishes...if he keeps this up, I might need to find a new name for him :D

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