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Sara's whole30 log

Sara M Clark

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HI all

This is my second whole 30. I completed my first 30 the second week in Oct. I had great results. I lost 20 lbs and ton of inches. I felt so godo. People were saying my skin was glowing, it was so clear. I was sleeping good and My workouts were awesome. The best result for me was that I had little to NO anxiety and I have struggled with that for a few year.I felt so clam , which was great because I have 3 kids. Joe is 7 and my twins are going to be 6 next month. I really felt the best I have ever felt in life NO joke. I stuck with this way of eating except for weekends i would have some wine and cheat days. I was still maintaining my weight but then lost control the 2 week between christmas and news year. I totally ate and drank to much which = me feeling like crap. So I decided to start another whole 30 and hoping it turns into a whole 60. Today marks my 4th day complete. I'm already feeling so much better. I have workouted everyday and ate awesome. I'm loging all my food at myfitnesspal. I love that site. My new favorite dinner is the shepard pie from the well food cookbook YUMMY Below is my food log today I also drank 4 liters of water ;-) ~Sara


Trader Joe's - Almond Butter Raw Crunchy Unsalted, 1 tbsp

Banana - Small 1/2 - Banana - Small (6" to 6-7/8" Long) , 1.5 banana 3

Lunch Shepherds pie whole30, 2 serving

Dinner Cinnamon beef stew with orange gremolata, 1 serving

Snacks Fresh, Raw - Blackberries, 1 container (15 blackberries

Aldi's Southern Grove - Natural Almond & Walnut Mix 100 Calorie Pack 16 g, 16

Let's Do...® Organic - Unsweetened Finely Shredded Organic Coconut,

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congratulations on getting back to the whole30! It looks like you are using some sort of food tracking ap here, so I thought I would pop in and let you know that that isn't part of the whole30 plan at all. You can list your foods, but please don't track calories and macros. Looking at calorie counts often results in second-guessing hunger cues (conciously or unconciously), and restricting calories, and robs you of many of the benefits of doing this program.

In addition: unless you are very tiny, 1299 calories is way too little.

Also, the good part of coconut is the fat (both in taste and nutition), so next time might I suggest the regular "full-fat" version?

oh, and get some protein and veggies in at breakfast!

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Thank you both for your response I'm not counting calories I"m using it more as a food log ;-) Just so i can keep track of what I'm eating daily and my exersize. I'm not tiny I'm over weight by 40 lbs. I have lost over a hundred lbs since my twins were born. i have been eating until I'm satisfied I will up my breakfast thou. I know I haven't been eating enough there my house is so busy in the morning getting the kids ready for school then i head to my friend workout but tomorrow I'm going to make a frittata and egg muffins so no excuses for me . when I started the whole 30 5 days ago I wasn't prepared and I know that is such a big part for me. Tom i do have question I was reading under supplements that you drink Kombucha. I went to the health food store and got 4 bottles a gingerade, strawberry and green tea and cranberry.How much should we drink in a day? and these are whole 30 approved right? Thanks for you help. I can't believe what 5 days of eating good can do for your body it truly is amazing! Miss Mary the shredded coconut i have is full fat I didn't even realize I put in reduced fat LOL I love my full fat coconut milk to. Its my favorite , I also made coconut butter last night.. That is whole 30 approved right. It's just shredded coconut and a little coconut oil.

Hope you guys have a great day


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So log your food somewhere that does not calculate calories and don't report calories on this site. Calorie counting makes slaves and we are here to set the slaves free!

I drink one bottle of kombucha per day, but many people drink one-half or one-third of a bottle per day.

Kombucha is made with sugar, but most of it is consumed in the fermentation process. We recommend that you drink kombucha that shows 4 grams of sugar or less. I buy varieties that show 2 grams of sugar. There are some varieties that have added sugar to achieve a sweet taste and they show lots more sugar. Those are not okay.

Kombucha and coconut butter are Whole30-compliant.

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Okay so today Marks my 6th day I woke up with good energy went to the gym and worked out for 45 mins. I felt good but as the day went on I felt in a fog and I"m very tired. i'm pretty sure i'm eating enough but I just feel drained.

breakfast - bannana with almond butter and 3 eggs over spinach & a chicken sausage mild.

lunch- chicken with veggies

dinner chooclate chilli & mashed cauilflower

snack-- nuts, cantolope also had a cup of coffee with coconut milk, some shredded coconut & kombucha

Hoping to feel better tomorrow

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Day 8--- felt preety good today. Had good energy

Food log

Preworkout hard boiled egg

Worked out for an hr on the elipitcal

Breakfast-- 3 eggs fried in ghee over spring lettuc

Lunch banana with almond butter and egg

dinner - shepherds pie from well fed cookbook and asparagus

snack coconut butter with a few coconut flakes

Water -100oz of water

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Day 9: Didn't sleep well last night.. Only about 6 1/2 hrs and I woke up 2 time to use the restroom. But I woke up feeling pretty good and I had good energy today and felt an overall calm

Pre work I at a hard boiled egg & 1 cup of cofee with coconut milk

worked out for and hr just did cardio



3 eggs cooked in 1 tsp of ghee

I put my eggs over mixed salad and veggie with hot sause

one chicken sausage mild

lunch- hard boiled egg and banana with 1 tbls of almond butter & left over sheppards pie

dinner Blue ribbon country captain chicken from well fed cookbook & cauliflower and brussle sprots

Snack- 2 eggs , 1 tbls of coconut up with 2 tbls of coconut flakes

Day 10 tomorrow. So far so good. Staying on track :)

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