Just got braces and cannot chew!

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I just got braces and a bite plate which I quickly found out doesn’t  let my molars meet in the back, and it’s almost impossible to chew anything like that! I know that smoothies are frowned upon, but I was wondering if there is a good meal replacement shake or smoothie that is whole 30 compliant and will give me the nutrients that I need.

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This is a situation where smoothies could be fine. I'm not sure of any particular pre-made kind that would be Whole30 compatible, but you could make them yourself. Try not to use too much fruit, try to include leafy greens, canned pumpkin, or cooked sweet potato.

You could also do soups. Blend them up and they should be drinkable. This will probably be an easier way to get protein and vegetables. Maybe scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or other vegetables cooked very soft and mashed?

Definitely find out from your dentist or orthodontist if this is normal. Hopefully if it is, it's something that won't last very long.

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I’m here to say, I feel this! My first two rounds of whole30 I didn’t have braces. I’m on my third and I have them now, and it has become so much harder! Potatoes and soft cooked veggies have become my gotos. I do have breakfast smoothies sometimes, or a veggie omelet with a banana.


Do you have any other suggestions?

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On 1/21/2023 at 2:48 AM, AllanJoshua said:

Hi there! It's crucial to speak with a good orthodontics specialist about your concerns with chewing and the bite plate.

He may be able to adjust the plate or provide alternative solutions. In the meantime, you can try blending whole fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. It would be easy to consume and still providing essential nutrients. Additionally, you may want to consider adding a source of protein such as egg whites or a scoop of collagen powder to help keep you full and satisfied. I hope my advice will be helpful!

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