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zomg! unexpected noncompliant stuff..

Shelly B

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I am traveling for business with a large group of people. I am ok with having weird eating habits in front of people - I actually think theirs are more weird, and kind of SAD :) but, what I didn't expect was so many unexpected things!

We arrived at our destination and went to lunch. It was a semi-fast food type place where you place your order at different stations. I found a chopped salad with chicken, with vinegar & evoo - perfect! I could even add my own amounts of dressing like stuff - but! it came tossed with pasta! Time constraints prevented me from re-ordering. I dug out what I could and made sure I did not eat any pasta, but it was like half the salad and I left hungry. Luckily, I packed some snacks, so I was ok.

Then came dinner with an even larger group. Again, I ordered a spinach salad with chicken - the safest thing on the menu - minus Gorgonzola and croutons. Of course, it came with the gorgonzola! Mostly on top mixed with the chicken, so I picked at the underneath spinach leaves and drank my sparkling water while everyone else had beer & pizza.

Now I'm in my room, sad that the whole foods grocery store down the block is closed and munching on some dried fruit, carrot sticks and primal pacs jerky. I would like a meal - just snacking makes me feel like I haven't really eaten.

I don't even know why I'm posting or what my point is - except that I feel like the only one in the world eating this way right now, and I wanted to vent where I knew there would be people who would understand.

A few more days like this left - I'm determined to make it. This was day nine for me - I think I did okay even with the obstacles presented.

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