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Is chia seed pudding like the banana and egg pancakes that are not allowed? It would be made with compliant almond milk and topped with fresh fruit. I am looking for some breakfast ideas that are not eggs and can be served cold.

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It is definitely not recommended, though it isn't specifically called out the way the pancakes are. Ideally you want each meal to meet the meal template (Download it here). 

It's helpful to stop thinking of breakfast as a meal that needs certain foods. It's just a meal, and any food that works for any other meal will work for your first meal of the day. Try having some kind of salad, or leftovers, or chilled soups like gazpacho. Grill up chicken or steak, serve cold with cherry tomatos, cucumber, jicama, snap peas, and any 9ther veggies you like cold. Here are some chilled soup ideas that would be good sides: Here's a good breakfast salad: -- change it up to use whatever vegetables and fruits you like.

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