Whole30 Compliant Smoothie Recipes?

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I'm trying to get started on the Whole30 program.  One of my challenges to overcome is adrenal insufficiency which causes extreme fatigue and nasuea (among other things) . I have days I can't eat but haven't been able to find complaint recipes for smoothies, protein shakes, etc that I was hoping use as a back up for those days.  Any advice or recipes out there? 

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There's not really Whole30 recipes for shakes/smoothies because we generally encourage people not to consume them, however, any smoothie or shake you make that has Whole30 compatible ingredients is considered Whole30 compatible.  I would encourage you to rely on them only when you're having those really rough days and on the other days, work at making your meals match the template so that on the smoothie days, you don't end up behind the eight ball because ground up fruit, liquid and protein powder are not going to get you very far consistently.

I hope you find some relief from your challenges within this program!

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I make them for exactly the reasons you describe. 

I use frozen raspberries or other frozen berries, almond milk, coconut cream or a tbsp olive oil, frozen spinach, cucumber. You could add almond butter too I suppose, I just don’t buy it often. 
once you get used to no sugar you can use less berries, more veg. I avoid using too many fruits and use them more as a vehicle for fats into my diet. 


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I've hit on a combo that works well on days I feel too full to eat three full meals:   a whoppin' handful of fresh spinach, a carrot,  a small steamed beet,  a chunk of cooked sweet potato, a banana, a generous handful of flaked coconut, and a raw egg,  whipped in the VitaMix with almond milk.  Freeze the banana first to make the drink colder and taste a little sweeter. This is just one variation;  anything that would include protein, fat and veggies (this has both greens and starchier) would match the meal template.  The fruit adds palatability.

It's delicious, to my taste buds, easily holds me until the next meal and is both a nice break from eggs for breakfast and something I'm used to,  as my habit had been to have a (soy protein) smoothie after my run. 

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I will also make a smoothie sometimes when I'm too full or too tired to make a meal.  I use 1/2 a frozen banana, a big handful of baby spinach or baby kale, whatever fresh or frozen berries I have on hand, and equal portions of full fat coconut milk and almond milk.  If I don't have almond milk (replaced with water) or I haven't had enough protein, I have compliant pea protein powder that I add.  And on occasion, I've added liquid egg whites.  

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