Vomiting all night day 31

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Day 31!! Yay!! Kidding.

I vomited all last night and all I introduced was gin and sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on my mushrooms. I did not over indulge in Gin. I just had two small drinks over the course of 8 hours. 

does anyone know what could be going on? Should I eliminate alcohol? 

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Might have been the gin,  might have been a bit of a stomach bug, possibly even could've been the parm, although that seems unlikely, it's hard to say.

Wait at least two days or until you feel better if it takes longer to do other reintroductions. You could try gin again at some point if it's something you really want to have going forward, or try a different alcohol. Sometimes 30 days without alcohol does make you a little more sensitive to it, but typically that just means feeling tipsy with fewer drinks than before Whole30.

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