First Whole30 FINISHED!!!!

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I couldn't wait to get up this morning to take my stats. I was 100% compliant these last 30 days. NOT EASY!!! The sugar detox was the worst part of it. I got through the haze of days 2-5 and then it was on to the races for me. I have, strike that, HAD a total of 72.4 pounds to lose going into this. .I felt completely out of control with my food and Whole30 was a last ditched effort for me to get it together already and make some REAL changes. No sugar at all. No baked goods, not even Heinz ketchup (love the Whole30 stuff!) and now I like my homemade mayo better than Hellman's. I don't even miss it. Yes, I will always love sweets and carbs and dairy, but I am not ready to phase them back into my diet for the moment. I have read all the books and I know I need to slowly start eating foods I restricted over the last 30 days, but I am just not going to do it yet. I will allow myself some fresh corn here and there and some beans on occasion, but I am going for another 30 days and look forward to continuing this lifestyle indefinitely. I WAS NEVER HUNGRY!!! FAT IS MY FRIEND (cue the dancing avocadoes, EVOO and bacon grease). Fruits taste better, I sleep better , my skin is more bright and less broken out and I am sleeping like a well rested champion. I raise a glass of my favorite Polar seltzer water and cheers you ALL to your efforts. This is not easy, but it SURE is WORTH it! 

Pounds lost: 10.8

Inches lost: 7 3/4  

:) Lauren

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18 hours ago, Molly79 said:

I am scared of the mental duress

I'm positive the mental stress of doing the program is not going to be more than the mental stress of how it feels the next day to eat an entire bag of marshmallows... which I assume feels at least a little bit out of control. 

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Amazing! Don’t you just want to shout it from the rooftops?! Freedom!! 

@Molly79 I hear you. I never thought I could do this, I was the biggest sugar fiend and a terrible secret binge eater. That was almost a year ago, and I’m still going. You really can do this, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Good luck! 

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